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I'd enjoy some stories that explore different relationships than we commonly see. All canon-friendly - I'm not talking 'ships here, but working relationships and friendships. But a fic where Liz works heavily with David, Colby, or Megan. Or Don works with Larry or Amita (particularly set early in the series, before he knows them well). Or how about David and Charlie? What about Terry and David back when she thought of him as a spy? Actually, I'm very, very intrigued by the idea of a Liz/Larry friendship, given their talk about family and her hugging him goodbye. Just the various non-romantic character pairings that I just don't see much of in fic and would like to.

Edit: would it be possible to get a Terry tag? Or did I just overlook it?
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I seem to have lost this fic and I'd really like to find it.

All I remember is Colby and David taking Charlie to some warehouse (crime scene?) to get some sort of data or something to help his math. They didn't realize that explosives (a bomb?) were left behind from the original bad guys. It blows up and injures all of them. Charlie was hurt but managed to get Colby and David out of the building because it was on fire, I think one of them, maybe Colby was stuck under something and Charlie exhibited great amounts of strength to drag them/move whatever Colby was stuck under to get them out. They all go to the hospital and I remember someone telling Don how much of a hero Charlie was since he saved them all. That's all I remember from it, I'd really like to find this fic again. Any help would be appreciated. 
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i was watching Numb3rs season 2 and the episode called Assassin where Colby said to David that if he had fired his gun he'd have blinded him(colby) and i was thinking, is there a story where David fired his gun and Colby got blind has a result. it's not necessarily like in that episode.
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Anyone have recommendations for their favorite Colby and David friendship stories? Again Gen is preferred ... sorry I tried but slash just doesn't work for me for this show as I get too much of a sibling vibe from all of them, and incest is a squick.
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If this isn't supposed to here, then feel free to move it, but I wasn't sure where else to ask this, and I thought that this would be the best place.

I was just scrolling through some pictures of David and I swear...it looks like he has allergies, by the way his eyes look!  It looks like they are puffy, dark, etc., and I should know because I suffer from them...all year long and that is how I look!  lol

Has anyone heard anything about this?  If he does, I would LOVE to know what the make-up artists are using to make it as faded as possible.
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I'm looking for a fic that I'm gonna be a little vague on.  It was an NCIS/N3 crossover and it had David as working with NCIS before coming to LA?  Sound familiar?  And any other NCIS/N3 crossovers would be welcome!

Nazi fic

Aug. 16th, 2006 10:52 pm
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Looking for the fic in which Don, Charlie, and David are taken captive by a gang of neo-Nazis. I remember it being pretty intense.


Aug. 9th, 2006 12:17 am
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Last week I was at a site that had Numb3rs fic divided by categories, and there was a section for RPF with Rob and David. I can't find it again -- can anyone help?


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