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I have this scene stuck in my head where charlie tells someone (ian) where to shoot. i think charlie was been held hostage. does anyone konw this

all help greatly appreciated

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Someone knows were can I find Ian/don slash by cerealkiller0? I tried to ask to be friend ed on lj year ago, but s/he never answered.
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I am looking for any fanfics with Don being controlled or manipulated unwillingly by a criminal of any kind. No slash. Pairings of Don/Robin or Charlie/Amita are fine. Thanks
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Request 1 - Earlier in her run, I thought Liz and Colby had good chemistry, and the potential to be fun. Nothing ever came of it in the show, but I'd love to seem some fic on it.

Request 2 - Is there any fic dealing with Liz's bad family dynamics? I'd love a case-fic that still incorporates Liz's feelings about her family or lack thereof. Contrast with the Eppes would not be amiss. During series or after is fine. If during, then canon-compliant ships.

Request 3 - Angels and Devils fic. Either shippiness for Charlie/Amita or angst while she's kidnapped or believed dead or the others worrying about Charlie. Basically all of that.
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Hey guys! I'm looking for a fic that was on fanfiction.net and it was about charlie and Don working a case together where the perp crucifies his victimes. I think in the first Chapter there's a scene where Charlie is victim to the killer and Don finds him crucified. If anyone could get back to me that'd be great, thank you!
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hi...its been some time since I last posted here but whenever it gets tough for me I know I should come to you guys. you never disappoint. so what I need is all the good fan fiction written out there that focusses of Don's independence or him not expecting any one to help him because he grew up doing every thing for himself. how Charlie and their friends would think its only sibling thing but in fact he was neglected... please don't get me wrong I don't want to read any fix with Alan being purposefully neglectful (though I doubt there are any :)) but Don just slipped his and his wife's minds most of the time. the more detailed and in depth the better.

also, any good really hurt Don, like a disability (but not paralysis). I would like to see his struggle.

and lastly, I would love to read Don/Colby slash fix

please help me
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I'm was wondering if anyone knew where I could find "Unsigned, Unfinished, and Unknown" and the sequel "Ever Present Past" by pygmymuse? It looks like the account on LJ and FanFiction.net have both been deactivated. I was hoping someone might know a different site or have a copy of it. I'm in need of some Hurt!Don...
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I recently read a story where Don's friend from high school shows up and wants to hang out all the time. Charlie ends up getting mad because Don and him have not been able to have time together. And now I can not remember what it was called and can't find it again, even after searching for 1/2 hour. Any help would be appreciated
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I'm looking for a colby/charlie fic in which a friend of colby's shows up. Charlie is upset because the man is trying to get colby back but Colby doesn't see it.
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Hi everyone, hoping you can help me find a fanfic. I think it was on fanfiction.net. Charlie was going out with Amita but was becoming friendly with a rich man that was possibly being investigate by don. I also think Charlie and don weren't getting along too well. I remember a scene where they went to see a baseball game together (?). Also I think Alan was suspicious. Anyway Charlie was kidnapped by this man and held and raped. Dons team found hlm and he was rescued. He was recorded and don forced himself to watch it. It ended up with amita breaking up with Charlie and Charlie being very traumatized. It was long and well written and I have been trying to find it for ages. I would love if someone could help!
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I'm looking for fics where don didn't join the fbi but then later gets pulled into a case somehow
perhaps because Charlie is consulting and there's a threat to the whole family???
or he witnessed something himself and needs protection??

anything where non-fbi don needs to deal with the fbi. preferably his team but I'd take anything

please warn for unfinished fics but I do want to get anything
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has anyone copy of slash_srs´s fics. I am just reading old post here and I´d love to read them. Any of them, please.
Thanks in advance.
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here Hoping someone can help me find this. I thought it was one of ladygray99 but I can't find it on her site.
All I can remember is that Charlie had attacked (Possibly killed?) Amita when she tried to leave. Don had to leave the FBI as Charlie had suffered a complete breakdown. He took care of Charlie and in the end, Charlie says thank you for not leaving him.

Edit: My memory was restore. it was Broke Bonds,Broken Hearts by DizzyDrea. Can be found at Archive of Our Own (Mods would like post link, but LJ won't let; me)
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I would really like to read some fics with Charlie on the other side of law. I take every ganre and pairing. I am just in mood for some bad boy Charlie.
Thanks in advance.
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Hello, I am looking for a Don & Cooper fic, where they go skiing, I can not remember clearly but one of them falls or is in an avalanche? At some point back at the cabin they declare their love for eachother, and make love to offcourse. I've had it but lost all of my bookmarks. I would love to read it again! Thanks!
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Hello im looking for a don/charlie fic where charlie is at calsi and he is held at gunpoint by a women I belive she was angry that don is with charlie. Charlie calls don who shows up with his team . i think it was 4 chapters long It could be one though. Ive looked everywhere and cant seem to find this fic its driving me mad any help would be great thanks !found!
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I am new here. So bare with me. This story arc has Don and Charlie having a brother named Ben. He is in a relationship with 2 other guys. Does anyone know this person or story arc?
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Can someone remind me of the name of the fic where Charlie knows and is friendly with a mob boss or two? He had taught them remedial math at college, and gave one of them a scar. I've read it and commented on it, but cannot for the life of me remember what it is called, and I wanted to re-read it.
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I was just wondering if someone could send me copy of Dirty Litlle Serets and Identity by Blixie.
Thanks inadvance


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