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I read a story a year or so ago where Colby was dyslexic, always writing a certain letter (B I think) backward. He was kidnapped after the episode with Ian in the prison, he was drugged and believed to be dead. He escaped and left a message in a pay phone booth for the team to find before he was captured again.

Don got captured somehow and thought it was Ian who took them.

They're both taken up to a mountain(?), Colby's arm is broken and neither of them have shoes. I remember one of them being chained to a tree and Colby being burned by cigarettes and Don wondering when Ian started smoking.

Later they find the real Ian in a cabin or something and find out that some group had used plastic surgery to make his double and had removed his finger pads to get his prints.
They attack their captives and Colby, I think, get's away (Or Colby was dumped in front of the hospital?) and Colby somehow ends up in a hospital where he and the team are attacked again.

It's revealed that Colby's stepdad is the one behind everything near the end of the story.

I have no idea what the title of this story is and I've lost the link, but it's one of my favorites, so any help you guys can give me would be really appreciated! :)

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