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Someone knows were can I find Ian/don slash by cerealkiller0? I tried to ask to be friend ed on lj year ago, but s/he never answered.
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I would like to read Soseki's Cryptomeria Grove by kljoyce but all the links for it that i can find here are dead, both for LJ (author's journal was purged) and the one from AO3. Is there any place that this fic is still available?
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it looks like regann has taken this down. I could be wrong but her lj's still up, just my link is bad. could someone message it to me? or e-mail it? I can message you with my e-mail addy.
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Dance seems to have deleted her journal. Does anyone have a copy of the Conference Wives series anywhere? It's sort of the UR Charlie/Ian series and I'd hate to lose it forever.
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Hi All,

I have just discovered... to my dismay...that a dance_the_codes journal was deleted... does anyone know if her great drabel series Conference Wives is archived somewhere other than her journal... I loved this fic.
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The URL this fic comes from is no longer valid.  According to what I have:

Somebody Save Me

Title: Somebody Save Me, Prologue
Authors: Charleseppes and Devo79
Author for these parts: Charleseppes
Pair:  Charlie/Mike (OMC)/???
Summary:  Charlie + Mike = abusive relationship...will Charlie get out alive?
Rating:  R to NC-17 for most of the story due to violence, rape and anything else that my mind can come up with

This is an 18 part AU fic that will have Charlie paired with other people, ending with his brother, Don.

However, the end of the story, which is in Part 18, says TBC with a question mark.  So, is there any more to this story, because it just simply ends...

This is what I have of the last part:

Somebody Save Me, pt. 18

  • Jan. 23rd, 2009 at 2:34 PM

Chapter: 18
Pairing:  Charlie/Don
Rating:  PG 13 - M...this chapter pg. 13, MPREG
Summary:  Charlie finally finds love...does he know what to do with it?
Author:  Charleseppes
A/N:  I was (and still am) pretty sick when I wrote this part...with a migraine and sinus infection.  Plus, I'm ticked off at my school right now.  So any and all mistakes are mine.  I'm medicine head right now, so if you point out mistakes, can you please do so nicely?  I really worked as hard as I could on this part....to make it long and believable.  If it's crap, I'll change it.  I hope that I met all of the requirements in order to post this and I also hope that you all enjoy!!!!


“Shhh. Don't think like that. The EMTs will be here soon.” He wraps his arms around me and rocks gently. I bury my head into Dad's shoulder, trying to control my tears.


“He's on his way.”



Thanks :)
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Does anyone have a working link for A Gift Worth Having by [livejournal.com profile] slash_srs ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi all!

I'm looking for a fic where Colby and Charlie are together and they like to role-play. One of their fantasy is Colby being some kind of mean military and Charlie the poor professor who is "raped" by the bad guy. They are at Charlie's and in the middle of it, Don arrives. He hears them and thinks that Colby is really assaulting Charlie. They fight but in the end everything is explained.
Does it ring any bells?

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 Hello all,

I was looking for some new Charlie/Colby fics to read and came across some with broken links/purged journals. Does anyone know if there are alternative links to:

Golden Bell, Scene of the Accident, and Venom by [livejournal.com profile] sydx 

the Sisful Thinking series by [livejournal.com profile] bubbleslayer 

I would really appreciate any help!
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I keep hearing about this one, but all links lead to 404....is there anyway someone has a copy or knows where this story is posted? Thanks!


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