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I have read a few fics that take place during Sniper Zero. The one I'm looking for has Charlie injured when the sniper fires on them after he and David get out of the car. Don and his team don't realize it at first. After the shooting stopped Don shoved Charlie into a car for protection, someone notices blood on Dons shirt, he knows it's not his and turns to Charlie to find he had been shot. Anyone?
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So I'm way, way new to Numbers.  Like, way new.  I haven't really read any fanfic for it yet.  I really want to read some stories where Don is hurt during a case or something (being heroic or brave or perhaps protecting Charlie) and Charlie is there or sees it on the news or something and is really freaked.  Maybe a hostage situation or something.  

My only request is gen (no slash please! :), happy endings, and I prefer shorter fics to longer fics.  Less than 10 chapters, I guess.  Thanks so much!  :)

Hope I tagged this right and everything.  Never used this community before eiither.  :)
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This has been driving me crazy for days now. I checked all the appropriate tags, but I don't think that it was mentioned there or I missed it because I only remember one scene. So, here we go:

I don't remember much, it could have been part of a bigger story or a small one-shot, but I know that Charlie got shot. He was wearing a vest, though, and only broke some ribs. Then he couldn't breathe right and panicked. That's all I remember, sorry. I would be so grateful if it rang a bell with anyone, because I can't find it anymore and I'd love to read it again.

Thanks in advance,

FOUND! Link in comments
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I'm looking for a specific fic: I remember that Charlie is with Don and Megan (or maybe it was Terry) interrogating some witness at the man's office. I think Don was pissed that Charlie was there and then there is a shot and Charlie is hit?

I really hope someone knows what I'm talking about! (I already found the tag "shot")

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i don't remember much of the story i'm looking for, what i remember is tthat colby took a bullet for alan and was in the hospital, alan came to him and tolg him he knew for him and don.

does anyone remember it?

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I've been looking for this story all over and I cannot find it.  I don't remember much but what I do is, Charlie and a few other people are hel hostage in a store and they get to call someone to say goodbye to them,  Charlie calls Don and I belive Don thinks he's joking.  Anyway, they (the hostages) somehow end up in a freezer and Charlie gets shot, and even after that he's still trying to keep everyone calm.  That's about all I remember.  I would love help finding this story.  It's been driving me crazy.  Thanks.
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 I am looking for any and all fics in which our beloved Professor Eppes takes a bullet.  Anything goes here... Gen, Het, Slash.  Serious injury, death, simple graze.  Innocent bystander, special NSA assignment, target.  I'd really like to see the fallout.  Everyone's reactions, Charlie's method of dealing, would love some Don angst.

Thanks in advance!


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