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In the episode 3x23 "Money for Nothing", Don recalls the story about how Charlie, when he was a child, lost during a hike in the woods. Charlie says that he has gone willingly by himself. 
Are th
ere any fanfics that describe these events?
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Hi dears!
I read [livejournal.com profile] msgrahamcracker "Unrequited" and love it!
So I wonder if there are stories about Don in college. Don centric, het, romance would be great, no hurt. Pre-series or Flashback (present canon).
There's Be My Gravity by TeamSethGroupie17, but it's incomplete... :(

Thanks, Mari
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Hello everybody,

I've been rewatching Numb3rs lately, but I've fallen out of fandom for a while now, but I'm craving certain kinds of fic and I hope maybe you can help me ^_^

1) Are there any Margaret!lives scenario stories out there? Either she didn't get sick, or she survived the cancer and how that would impact the story?

2) For that matter any pre-series story from Margaret's POV or centered around her  (preferably when Don and Charlie have both already been born)

3) Are there any Don and Charlies high school reunion stories? Or Don's college friends meeting Charlie pre-series

4) Anything where Charlie has to speak at a FBI conference or for some other reason comes into prolonged contact with the guys at Quantico, Alberquerque etc.?

Thanks in advance everyone^^
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Hey all,

I'm looking for a fic in which Don and Charlie went with their parents to choose the Koi and a garden centre (I think) when a man tries to abduct Charlie and Don protects him, thanks in advance Liz
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 Hey, I'm looking for stories about Don in Quantico, preferably as an instructor. Any genre, any pairing, any anything really.

I appreciate any help!


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I'm looking for a fic where Charlie is remembering getting bullied as a child. He was beaten up because Don was playing Space Invader or PacMan or the like when he should have been looking after Charlie.
Thanks muchly
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I am looking for a fic I read ages ago. It is about Charlie when he was 11 or 12 and Don was around 16/17. From what I remember, Charlie was trying to get rid of his genius by using drugs and then Don found out and got mad at him. It was a fairly long oneshot - I think. I have been searching for it all day but cant find it. Does anyone have a link to it please?
Thank you!
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I'm looking for fics that deal with Charlie's time at Princeton (or other colleges afterwards where he got his degrees). I've recently reread Calculus 3 and Professor Fleinhardt's Office Hours and I'm looking for something similar, but preferably longer and slash. :D How did Charlie deal with being away from home, how did his mother behave, how did he cope with classes and the other students? In the election fraud episode (sorry, forgot the title) he mentioned that he knew Rachel from college and that they used to go on road trips. Anything about that?

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I know I've never seen anything like this and I can't find anything on this site (though I tend to miss tags easily, it seems.)

Are there any fics that center around Alan and Margaret dying while Charlie and Don are at uni but Charlie is still very much a minor so Don has to take custody of him? I would love to see lots of the brothers being forced together in that kind of relationship during the worst part of their history.

Thanks a bunch!
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i'm searching for a fic where Coop came to see Don when he was at his mother bedside in hospital. i remember something about a coffee stain on coop's jeans.

does someone knows it?

(if it's not the place for this can you tell me where i have to ask? thanks)

edit: Found! thanks to [livejournal.com profile] elysium1996 ; link in comment
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Hi, I'm wondering if anyone has a timeline for Charlie and Don's life pre-series? And Charlie's biography info, like when his birthday is? I know he graduated High School with Don at 13, and graduated Princeton at 16, but between his ages of 17 - 29(? is that his age in season 1?) his timeline seems...convoluted.

And I'm new to watching TV series (yes, I know that makes me sound weird), but am I to assume that for every season of the series, a year has passed for the characters?

Thanks in advance for the info =), I'm thinking of writing a Numb3rs fic but first I need the details straight.
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Hey guys. This is my first post on Livejournal! Anyway, I'm looking for a fic I remember bits and pieces of. It's a kidfic, at least in part because at one point little Charlie was being assessed by doctors and one of the doctors didn't like the way Charlie arranged the toys by size. He said it might mean Charlie was autistic, but Alan then called to Charlie and when Charlie came running to him with a big smile and wanting a hug Alan insisted an autistic child wouldn't do that. That's all I remember. Sound familiar?
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I'm looking for fics where Don breaks the news to his family that he's going to join the FBI.

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I thought I saw this story on this community some time ago but it's neither under kid!fic nor under kidnap so I'm probably mistaken. It's about Charlie getting kidnapped as a child, he is dragged into a car while he and Don are on their way home from school. Don sees the whole thing but can't prevent it. I think Charlie gets rescued because he kicks out the back light of the car (he is in the trunk) and sticks his arm out to get attention. Does anyone know this? I would appreciate the help, thanks.
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I re-watched "Money for Nothing" ( I especially loved the last scene where Don and Charlie are talking with the therapist) and I was wondering if there are fics where a young Charlie almost runaway or did disappeared (or did something harmful to himself) because he heard (or felt) Don being jealous or pissed off because of all the attention he had from people and especially their parents?
I already read "Probability" http://www.cslibrary.us/stories/probability.html and I loved it.
Hope fics like that do exist because I'm dying to read more of them! (gen or slash but not het please)

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Hi, at the moment I'm searching for stories where Charlie is still a student at Princeton or CalSci or perhaps very new to teaching. Like stories when he first meets Larry or their friendship is just starting out, or stories on how the teachers/students react to having him around, things like that. Any recommendations? Thank you.


May. 12th, 2007 11:11 pm
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Hi there!

I'm new in this fandom and I'm interested in reading some gen, pre-series stories. Them as teenagers or younger would be just perfect. Any suggestions?

Thank you!


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