Feb. 17th, 2014 09:39 pm
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Hello everyone!
I'm looking for any stories about Charlie working for NSA (underkover operations, overseas trips, etc).
In addition I wonder if there are any stories where Charlie doing something in Iraq or Afghanistan.
Thank you a lot!
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I am looking for a Charlie/Colby fic set post Janus List/Trust Metric that I read quite sometime back.


I remember the story vaguely. Charlie and Colby are lovers and after the Janus List fiasco, Colby is transferred somewhere else. I think six month later or so, Charlie is on assignment for NSA. There Charlie meets Colby again as Colby is one of the agents assigned to protect him.


Colby tries to rekindle the relationship but Charlie refuses. Later, I remember that Charlie is in his hotel room and when he leaves, he sees Colby waiting for him outside his room. Ring any bells?

Edit :  Found.  Title : Move Along Just To Make It Through 
                      Author : [livejournal.com profile] callmeang


Thanks to the lovely [info]quirky_circe


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Hi everyone, I'm a new member to the Numb3rs fandom. I've just finished watching Numb3rs Season 1.

I'm looking for any Don/Charlie that you might rec (short, long, AR, AU, self-rec, etc), and I am SO glad to see I'm not the only one inclined towards this pairing >.>

I'm also curious if there are any Terry/Charlie fictions out there. In end of the season 1 finale, I thought there might have been some possible development there (but then I watched ep 1 of Season 2 and was slammed down).

I also read Reciprocity and was awed. I would really appreciate any Soldier!Charlie or FederalAgent!Charlie or possible any fictions out there that center around Charlie doing NSA work.

Thanks very much in advance!
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I am just wondering if there is any fics out there that explain what Charlie said in this episode?

Amita asked how he knew so much about assassins and Charlie answered that if he told her he would have to kill her...

So is there anything out there? I would also love anything that involves Charlie working for others than the FBI.

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Sorry about the unwieldy subject line I wasn't sure what to put.  I about 80% of the stories that I've read Don is always lamenting the fact that he'd gotten Charlie involved in his FBI and exposed to dangerous situations and people.  What I was wondering is if there are any stories out there where someone points out that Charlie was already doing dangerous work for other agencies (or he must be since he has a higher clearance level than Don) and that it's not his fault that he's being exposed to dangerous situations/people.

I hope that make sense.


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Another hard subject line (any suggestions? I'm all ears).  What I'm looking for are any stories out there where Charlie in the past did a lot of work for the other alphabet agencies and some of it was hands on.  What if he was in Afghanistan while Colby was working his magic with numbers and had saved Colby's unit several times.  I can just see him earning a nickname like 'Wizard' or something (or it could even be his codename).  And when he and Colby meet up he's all excited and shaking his hand saying what an honor it was to meet him and he almost slips up and calls him 'Wizard' but Charlie's glare at the last moment switches it to 'Whiz Kid.'  They could grab lunch later with Colby apologizing that he thought the FBI knew about his past which is why he almost blew his cover.

Any stories out there like that?  If not anyone up to the challenge of writing it?

Thanks again, Mina
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Hi there! I'm looking for a kinda angsty, Charlie-centric fic I read a few weeks back. It involves Alan getting kidnapped by a psycho that Charlie met when he was in training for the CIA or NSA at a secret camp in New Mexico. There are flashbacks to his time in training, and most of the story involves Charlie working to get Alan back, with the help of some old friends. Don onyl just shows up at the end, pretty much.

I have no idea where I read it, or anything about the author. If anyone knows it, I would love a pointer in its direction. Thanks!
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Are there any fics were Charlie is some sort of secret agent? Where he works under cover or secret missions for some government agency? Where he does more than math for the NSA?

And Don finds out and is all shocked.

Bonus is Don sees Agent Charles in action. :)

Slash is welcome.

Thanks in advance.
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Hi, I've just joined but I've been reading the fics people have 'found' on this page for a while now and finally decided to start a search of my own. This has been bugging me since I saw the episode 'Assassin' and 'Vector'. I'm looking for any fics in which Charlie's work with the NSA is brought up, or his work with any other agencies. It can be any kind of fic, though I really prefer if it were either gen or slash. I haven't found any fics where this is the main story line, but I'm hoping that maybe someone else has. Thanks!


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