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I know I've read it, but just can't remember where. I was thinking FF.Net, but couldn't find it there.

If I'm remembering correctly, it's set second season when Amita is still a grad student. She's hungry. Doesn't have enough money to get something from the vending machine. Larry and Charlie are away, which is a shame, because either one would buy her lunch. Charlie wouldn't mind if she took a gumball, so long as she wrote down which color. Megan shows up and offers to take her to lunch. Megan wants idea on what to get Larry for his birthday. Amita brings up the same study Charlie brought up when Alan wanted to get Donna a birthday present. Megan says "marry Charlie now" or something like that, because of their math similarity.

Anyway, I mentioned the fic to someone else who wanted to read it, but then I couldn't find it or remember the title or author. Can anyone here help me out?
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I'd enjoy some stories that explore different relationships than we commonly see. All canon-friendly - I'm not talking 'ships here, but working relationships and friendships. But a fic where Liz works heavily with David, Colby, or Megan. Or Don works with Larry or Amita (particularly set early in the series, before he knows them well). Or how about David and Charlie? What about Terry and David back when she thought of him as a spy? Actually, I'm very, very intrigued by the idea of a Liz/Larry friendship, given their talk about family and her hugging him goodbye. Just the various non-romantic character pairings that I just don't see much of in fic and would like to.

Edit: would it be possible to get a Terry tag? Or did I just overlook it?
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I remember reading this fic and it was about Megan getting kidnapped and the team looked and looked for her, but they had to continue on with other cases and they didn't find her until like 9 months later. It's more then one chapter, and I have a feeling it wasn't done but it wasn't at a major cliffhanger, if you know what I mean. I don't know where it is posted, either ff.net or here on livejournal. 

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I remember reading this fic where Don and Amita are kidnapped because the kidnappers think Don is Charlie. In order to buy themselves time, Don writes random math stuff on the chalkboard provided. After he and Amita escape/are rescued, Charlie looks at what Don wrote and says that it actually has potential as an equation or something.

Any help would be appreciated.

Edit: Found! Simulacrum by [livejournal.com profile] valeriev84

Oh, and it was Megan who was kidnapped along with Don, not Amita. *sheepish* Though the bad guys thought she was Amita, so maybe that's why I was confused.
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I feel like this must have been written, but I don't remember seeing it anywhere. I'm looking for fics involving Megan's Department of Justice work--preferably fics that take place during her time with the DOJ, but really anything related would be welcome. Thanks!
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Hi, I'm looking for fic with Megan h/c. They don't have to be soley based on it, just fics where there's some h/c. I've read most of the ones that are Megan-centric, but I know that there are lots of other stories that have Megan h/c, but aren't Megan-centric. Bonus points to anyone who can find physical h/c, or find stories where Megan wakes up in the hospital. Thanks!
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I'm looking for this fic over at Fanfic.net, and I think in the first chapter Charlie gets kidnapped, and no one knows. But I know that in the second chapter Megan goes over to the Eppes house and gets mugged. I know Megan isn't one of the characters it got posted under, I think they were Don and Charlie, and I am not brave enough to go rummaging through there. :))

Megan H/C?

May. 13th, 2007 08:34 pm
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Hi, I was wondering if anybody knew of any Megan H/C? Any rating is fine. Thanks.


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