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Larry didn't pursue the search for the Higgs Boson. And apparently he came up with a prediction for the future of the universe (that we were told nothing about), but are there any fics out there with him reacting to the 2012 announcement of its discovery (as reported in popular press)? I'd love a good friend-y fic with him and Amita and Larry and just being excited about it or thinking about missed opportunities or any of that.
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I'd enjoy some stories that explore different relationships than we commonly see. All canon-friendly - I'm not talking 'ships here, but working relationships and friendships. But a fic where Liz works heavily with David, Colby, or Megan. Or Don works with Larry or Amita (particularly set early in the series, before he knows them well). Or how about David and Charlie? What about Terry and David back when she thought of him as a spy? Actually, I'm very, very intrigued by the idea of a Liz/Larry friendship, given their talk about family and her hugging him goodbye. Just the various non-romantic character pairings that I just don't see much of in fic and would like to.

Edit: would it be possible to get a Terry tag? Or did I just overlook it?
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I read a chapter in a fic recently that briefly described Don being jealous of Larry's relationship with Charlie to the point of really disliking him for a while after they met. He resented having another older male figure in his little brother's life, especially one who was so much more capable of understanding Charlie. It was just a passing side-bar in the overall story, but it got me thinking about what a great premise that would be.

Does anyone know of any stories where there is tension or rivalry between Don and Larry over Charlie?
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Inspired by a post below, what's the fic where Don is driving Larry somewhere and they get hit by a truck? There's a lot of Don & Larry talking from what I remember too and that was what I liked.

And on a related tangent, are there other fics that focus on Don & Larry interacting like that one?

ETA car crash fic found by [livejournal.com profile] wraithness - it is Loquacious by rittenden.
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I've been wondering whether there were any historical AUs set during WWII, for example with Charlie working as code breaker, or Larry as part of the Manhattan project, or Don as soldier... Any scenario set during WWII, though in case the story cast Charlie or Don not as part of the Allied forces but as Jewish Holocaust victims or the like, it would have to be well researched to not squick me by using concentration camps as main story setting in distorted ways or for cheap melodrama effects. I'm not into incest fic, but otherwise I'm not particular about pairings.


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