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I'm looking for a story where Don was kidnapped as a child after his parents didn't pick him up after a baseball game.

I'm pretty sure it was either on livejournal, but it might have been on some smaller site.
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I read a story a year or so ago where Colby was dyslexic, always writing a certain letter (B I think) backward. He was kidnapped after the episode with Ian in the prison, he was drugged and believed to be dead. He escaped and left a message in a pay phone booth for the team to find before he was captured again.

Don got captured somehow and thought it was Ian who took them.

Possible Trigger Warning )

I have no idea what the title of this story is and I've lost the link, but it's one of my favorites, so any help you guys can give me would be really appreciated! :)

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Been driving myself crazy looking for a longer team fic where Don and Liz are together, the team investigates an arms dealer, Liz is kidnapped (for a short time) and Colby gets involved with a new agent who winds up being a mole placed with the team to see if they should be kept together. Hope that gives enough detail for someone to recognize the story.
Any help is appreciated.
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I'm looking for fanfics with physically suffering Charlie (and/or Don), with Don giving him support (but not incest, please), maybe forced to hurt him. I have already some stories (some of them found here), I'm looking for other ones, maybe some stories with their mother.

Thank you!
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I'm was wondering if anyone knew where I could find "Unsigned, Unfinished, and Unknown" and the sequel "Ever Present Past" by pygmymuse? It looks like the account on LJ and FanFiction.net have both been deactivated. I was hoping someone might know a different site or have a copy of it. I'm in need of some Hurt!Don...
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i cleary remember this story Don was kidnapped as a kid (around 11) and held prisoner for several years...he was able to freed himself but he didn't return to his family (he was brainwashed)....he joined the FBI changing his surname. He  got trasnsfered to Los Angeles and visit his mother at the hospital. He held the same position as in the show and from time to time Charlie help him. At a certain point the man who kidnapped Don return and kidnapps and kill several kids...Don is able to find out the kidnapper and kill him...during the story Charlie has the feeling that Don is his brother and he was able to have a DNA test...the author wrote a sequel to this story and wrote another AU story where Don didn't go to college because his parents died and he must take care of Charlies (who was around 13 years) . I'm sure it was posted  on Fanfiction.net and i think also on the LJ of the author....thanks
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Hey, I just realized that "Ever Present Past" and "Unsigned, Unfinished and Unknown" have vanished off the 'net.
Can anyone help me out?
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I can't remember where I read this story but it goes with that episode with John Buckley. Charlie gets kidnapped along with Buckley when Maddux takes Buckley. I don't remember the ending. Please help me find this story.
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Hi, I am fairly new to this fandom and I read a fic sometime last year and I haven't been able to find it again.
Possible Triggers. Non/Dub-con incest. )
If anyone knows where I can read it again I would love them forever. Thanks!
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i have been searching like crazy! but i can't find the fic where a man (maybe multiple) storm into the eppes house during dinner with amita and larry and charlie has to tie them up in the chairs simultaneously saying good-bye to them. then the man/men take Charlie away to either work on a project for them or because a guy had an obsession with him, most likely the first. I'm really fuzzy with the details though because it has been a long time since i've read it! somebody please help i'm desperate!
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I'm looking for fanfic where Charlie is kidnapped. In the end of the Story revealed, that Charlie kept in the small house in the woods. Don, Alan and team go ther. In front of them the house explodes. Everybody thought Charlie was inside and now dead. But he manage to get out and survived.  In the end Don found him. Happy end.
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so this may be somwhat sensitive so I will be putting it under a cut

sensitive material )

could you help me?
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I'm looking for a series. The first story is a Charlie story only mentioning Don who was kidnapped as a kid and so he is "a perfect son" forever.

The second one is a story where Charlie gets help from Don (the FBI agent) for looking for his brother Don. In the end he learns that they are the same person. Don was kidnapped when walking home from practice (they forget him because of Charlie's lesson I think). The kidnapper was a pedofile.

I think it was on ff.net, but I don't remember the author or the title.

please help,
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I am looking for a story and unfortunately I can only remember one small part. Charlie is kidnapped and kept in a cellar? He must be chained up as he can only reach/move so far. His kidnapper leaves him bottles of water and his last bottle rolls out of his reach. Not much to go on I know but hopefully someone will recognize it. Thanks.
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I remember reading this fic and it was about Megan getting kidnapped and the team looked and looked for her, but they had to continue on with other cases and they didn't find her until like 9 months later. It's more then one chapter, and I have a feeling it wasn't done but it wasn't at a major cliffhanger, if you know what I mean. I don't know where it is posted, either ff.net or here on livejournal. 

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I'm looking for this fic where Charlie was kidnapped by a group of criminals that used him to plan heists. Charlie had lost his memory and couldn't even remember his name. Don goes in undercover in the group to get Charlie back, in the undercover role he guards Charlie whom I think he calls C. (It may have evolved into Don/Charlie but I'm not sure)

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Looking for yet another story that I have lost track of. In this one, Charlie is taken by an American militia group, I believe.

I remember the beginning. They attempt to take him first while he's at home, eating with Don and Alan. The kidnapper is disturbingly polite and has Charlie tie them up, before trying to take him. Megan and Larry stop by, however, and interrupt. The whole team gathers and stays the night at the house. I remember Don sleeping in Charlie's bed with him for protection (it isn't Eppescest though).

Don't remember much of the rest of the fic, but Charlie is put in a safe house, and the group attacks and captures him, killing an agent in front of Charlie in the process, and take him to a boat to travel north. I believe they wanted him to create an equation that would somehow enable them to target a middle-eastern country, but Charlie is obviously very resistant. They may or may not attempt to coerce him with some torture-light techniques.

I think the ending had them somewhere in the north-west, with Ian Edgerton making an appearance. The group tries to hide Charlie by restraining him and putting him in a small box that is concealed as a seat in their van (once again, I think). Megan is the one who finds the rather traumatized professor.

And that's about all I remember. Thanks in advance.

ETA: Found - Your Brother's Keeper by Eideann
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Hi I´m looking for  fic it was Charlie/Coop I think that Charlie was giving a conference in Menphis or Missisippi and Coop was there too and Charlie gets kidnapped and Don comes and they go looking for him and in a part the author says something about they-(Coop and Don)-are furious
isn´t much I´m sorry but help will be thanked forever

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I am looking for any good recs for hurt!Charlie fics like he gets kidnapped or just gets overloaded and can't turn his brain off and needs some serious comfort. It can be anything, slash, gen, het, I would like just brother comfort but if there is a good rec with incest that's good to :) I have no pairing preference for this so whatever is a go! And self pimping is always a yes~

thanks in advance and I really hope I got all the tags right ._.


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