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I'm looking for fanfics with physically suffering Charlie (and/or Don), with Don giving him support (but not incest, please), maybe forced to hurt him. I have already some stories (some of them found here), I'm looking for other ones, maybe some stories with their mother.

Thank you!
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hi...its been some time since I last posted here but whenever it gets tough for me I know I should come to you guys. you never disappoint. so what I need is all the good fan fiction written out there that focusses of Don's independence or him not expecting any one to help him because he grew up doing every thing for himself. how Charlie and their friends would think its only sibling thing but in fact he was neglected... please don't get me wrong I don't want to read any fix with Alan being purposefully neglectful (though I doubt there are any :)) but Don just slipped his and his wife's minds most of the time. the more detailed and in depth the better.

also, any good really hurt Don, like a disability (but not paralysis). I would like to see his struggle.

and lastly, I would love to read Don/Colby slash fix

please help me
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HI! i'm looking for a particular story where Don have to meet Alan and Charlie at a restaurant but he doesn't show up (i',m pretty sure he left a message at the restaurant but none give the message to Alan and Charlie) later on he's hurt during a case but he downplayed his injuries after he's at Alan and Charlie's house and he collaps and he's rushed to the hospital...

I'm looking also for any Dom/omc stories (the longer the better and crossover are welcome) i've read a couple of them (the epic Watson series)

Thanks for the help
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so this may be somwhat sensitive so I will be putting it under a cut

sensitive material )

could you help me?
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So I'm way, way new to Numbers.  Like, way new.  I haven't really read any fanfic for it yet.  I really want to read some stories where Don is hurt during a case or something (being heroic or brave or perhaps protecting Charlie) and Charlie is there or sees it on the news or something and is really freaked.  Maybe a hostage situation or something.  

My only request is gen (no slash please! :), happy endings, and I prefer shorter fics to longer fics.  Less than 10 chapters, I guess.  Thanks so much!  :)

Hope I tagged this right and everything.  Never used this community before eiither.  :)
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I'm a sucker for the old tough guy wumpage/death senario and since I've seen lots of Charlie wumpage I'm hopeful to find some Don Wumpage aka hurt!Don. I've seen a bit of it already but I'm curious to see if there is any more out there (I don't really mind is someone recs me something I've already seen it might give me another link in case I loose it :) ).

I'm particuarly intrested in the Don/Charlie where Don gets hurt or dies and Charlie gets worried and/or goes a little crazy. It could be a gen relationship as well but I'm a little more intrested in the slashiness.
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 This is a general request, but I haven't found anything like it in the tags. I'd like to read some stories where:

-Don is the main character
-Don uses his FBI-skills in an impressive way
-No math is used (or at least, not to solve the case)
-And the ending is (mostly) happy.

Preferably no episode tags. 

I'd like something in the vein of ALEO's stories (Pursuit, Caffeine, Vigilant Terrorist, Defense, Hunted), Reality of the Present., The Unquantifiable Variable, In a Mirror, Darkliy, or Time to Kill.

It doesn't matter if it's an official case or Don stumbles onto a crime in progress, but I'd like to be impressed by his skills - fighting, negotiating, leading, manipulating or otherwise. 

The fic can be canon or au, any POV, gen het or slash, any genre and as dark or light as it comes (provided that it ends reasonably happy), and, of course, the longer the better. 

Any help is appreciated!
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 In this fic, Don was beaten, I think, got a couple shots to the kidneys. He goes to Charlie's and ends up sleeping in his father's room and wakes up feeling horrible, unable to call for help. Alan finds him and calls an ambulance. He was bleeding internally, if I recall...

I've looked everywhere I can think of and can't find it....
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I read this story that don's team is working on a case that involves a killer that is using the four elements air, fire, earth, and water and don is the forth victim chosen for water
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Looking for fic where Charlie is being hurt in some way while Don and/ or the rest of the team are forced to watch. Comfort by Don afterwards would be awsome too. Thanks very much in advance!
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Am looking for a fic I read recently, but can't remember where I found it.
Don has just returned from a long undercover mission working for drug dealers in Columbia/Mexico. While he is staying at the family home to recover, Charlie discovers that he was whipped and that he had to be rescued at the last minute. There was fantastic family interaction.

Thanks in advance
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i was watching Numb3rs season 2 and the episode called Assassin where Colby said to David that if he had fired his gun he'd have blinded him(colby) and i was thinking, is there a story where David fired his gun and Colby got blind has a result. it's not necessarily like in that episode.
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Hi, I'm looking for a fic I read a while ago where Charlie takes care of Don after Don had been injured in the line of duty several years before. Charlie reflects on their relationship as brothers and how it has changed since Don was injured and Charlie takes care of Don as his health deteriorates and he passes on. I believe I read it on fanfiction.net but I cant recall the title or author.

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I'm looking for good , preferably long fics where Charlie gets hurt: in an accident or because of his work with the FBI... If it has repercussions on his health later, (blindness, illness, brain damage, paralysis...) it's even better! Gen, or slash (even Don/Charlie) is okay with me but no het please, and I absolutely love brotherly love displays! AU fics are also awesome.
I read some a long time ago, but I don't remember them and I was hoping there are good new ones...
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I'm trying to find a fanfic I read previously, which I think was on fanfic.net. Don, Charlie, and Alan go to an extended family member's wedding. Don is feeling sick beforehand, but goes anyway. At the reception, Alan lets the boys go home early. On their way home, the car goes off the road. Charlie has to find help as Don is sick & injured.


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