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Mar. 4th, 2017 04:21 pm
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HI! i'm looking for the following story Don is with the bad guy in a car (i think he was tasken hostage) and the car has an accident and Don is pinned down...i remember that some cop use some cat sand to stop the fire or something similar. Another scene is that at the hospital Alan has a confrontation with the bad guy...thanks
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I'm looking for fanfics with physically suffering Charlie (and/or Don), with Don giving him support (but not incest, please), maybe forced to hurt him. I have already some stories (some of them found here), I'm looking for other ones, maybe some stories with their mother.

Thank you!
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hi...its been some time since I last posted here but whenever it gets tough for me I know I should come to you guys. you never disappoint. so what I need is all the good fan fiction written out there that focusses of Don's independence or him not expecting any one to help him because he grew up doing every thing for himself. how Charlie and their friends would think its only sibling thing but in fact he was neglected... please don't get me wrong I don't want to read any fix with Alan being purposefully neglectful (though I doubt there are any :)) but Don just slipped his and his wife's minds most of the time. the more detailed and in depth the better.

also, any good really hurt Don, like a disability (but not paralysis). I would like to see his struggle.

and lastly, I would love to read Don/Colby slash fix

please help me
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I'm looking for a longer fic, but remember only one scene: Don is in the hospital and Charlie refuses to let Alan in because previously Alan blamed Don for Charlie's injury (?).
I know it's not much to go on, but maybe somebody still recognizes it.

Thanks in advance!
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so this may be somwhat sensitive so I will be putting it under a cut

sensitive material )

could you help me?
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I'm looking for a story where Charlie is like thirteen and attempts suicide but is rushed to the hospital.  Don stays with him and reads to him. Charlie is in a coma and it takes Don telling him that he loves him and begging him to please come back to him to wake Charlie from the coma.
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I'm pretty sure I corned the market on this but I'm always looking for new fics to read and surprisingly enough I have found new ones recently I haven't read.

So any fics where Charlies is hurt/sick/whumped in anyway with protective!Don. Anything and everything. Just GEN for this request please. I'm willing to take one-shots or chaptered fics. I'm just hoping to find something new to read. Thanks!
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I'm a sucker for the old tough guy wumpage/death senario and since I've seen lots of Charlie wumpage I'm hopeful to find some Don Wumpage aka hurt!Don. I've seen a bit of it already but I'm curious to see if there is any more out there (I don't really mind is someone recs me something I've already seen it might give me another link in case I loose it :) ).

I'm particuarly intrested in the Don/Charlie where Don gets hurt or dies and Charlie gets worried and/or goes a little crazy. It could be a gen relationship as well but I'm a little more intrested in the slashiness.
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Another one and I remember this one quite well, just can't find it anymore.

Charlie was with Don at work and a criminal took him hostage. He grabbed Charlie by the hair, I think, and it was Colby or David who saved him. And Don took care of Charlie after that, giving him an icepack for an injury I think, and calming him down.

Thanks in adavance,

FOUND! Link in the comments
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I'm looking for a fic where Don was hurt and hurt more than everyone was aware, he was in his apartment and knocked over the TV and fell on it. When he's found I think he's barely breathing.

There's a tiny possibility it could be Colby, but I'm fairly certain it was Don.

Edit: Found. Seems like it was a story by Alice I, What doesn't kill us, that was taken down from, but it's still available elsewhere.
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Hi, I'm looking for a fic I read a while ago where Charlie takes care of Don after Don had been injured in the line of duty several years before. Charlie reflects on their relationship as brothers and how it has changed since Don was injured and Charlie takes care of Don as his health deteriorates and he passes on. I believe I read it on but I cant recall the title or author.

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I was helped so quickly in my recent search for a fic that I am begging for help again.  The story I am looking for is about Don (shock there).  Don was in the hospital not sure why but when he is released Charlie is pushing him down the hall and Charlie dumps Don on the ground accidentally on purpose.  Then on the ride home they, Don, Charlie and Alan are in Alan's car and it is hot and Don is getting nauseous and begs Alan to pull over.   He barely makes it before he throws up.  They make it home without further incident...Sound familiar?  Any one?  Thank you in advance for your help.

YUP FOUND!!!!!! Its A Little Help From My Friends. 
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I have read and re-read this particular story countless times and right now I cannot for the life of me remember the title or author.  Here is the synopsis...Don it kidnapped/ held hostage by a psycho.  He is hurt very badly.  Eventually he is found and brought to the hospital.  While there waiting for Don, Alan meets a nurse who reminds him of Margaret and  they become very good friends.  After Don is released from the hospital while still recovering, he tells the family that he wants to see the guy responsible for hurting him.  No one thinks its a good idea except for Colby.  Don sees the guy and ends up throwing up and has a relapse.  It is long and very angsty.  Please help a girl out.  Thanks.

FOUND!!! Abduction by purehalo

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I'm looking for a fic I read a while ago, but I can't recall exactly where. Charlie and Marshal Penfield are both consulting on a case, and they get in a car accident or something in the forest (they may have been run off the road...) and Penfield breaks his ankle I think. Anyway, I'd really like to read it again, but I can't seem to find it. If anyone knows what I'm talking about I'd be eternally grateful. :)
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Hi again,

I'm also looking for one specific hurt!Charlie fic: all I remember is that it's during season 1 I think, and Charlie gets hit by a car/van when he is on his bike?

I hope someone knows what I'm talking about!

EDIT: FOUND very quickly thanks to the wonderful Emmademarais! See comments
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I'm looking for good , preferably long fics where Charlie gets hurt: in an accident or because of his work with the FBI... If it has repercussions on his health later, (blindness, illness, brain damage, paralysis...) it's even better! Gen, or slash (even Don/Charlie) is okay with me but no het please, and I absolutely love brotherly love displays! AU fics are also awesome.
I read some a long time ago, but I don't remember them and I was hoping there are good new ones...
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Hi. I was wondering if there are any fics out there where Charlie is hurt really bad and and ends up with a disability like brain damage, blind, or in a wheelchair or something and Don is the one that has to take care of him..
gen or slash. Don/Charlie slash and  self recs are welcome.

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Good morning everyone,  I was just reading the latest chapter of Brothers at  Great story by the way and I was looking for stories about Don as a kid and he is hurt/sick/angsty.  I very much a fan of Don whumping and absolutely love 3rdgal and ALEO and read and re-read often all of their stories.  So please pass on any story recs you may have.  Thanks in advance. 
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I thought this fic was a certain story, but it wasn't. In the story, set S1, there's a tactical raid, Don gets ahead of the others and gets hit in the back with an iron bar. He shrugs it off, but was actually badly injured. Terry blames herself and it triggers her decision to relocate. There's the usual Eppes family angst over Don keeping things secret and it nearly killing him.

Any help over title and author greatly appreciated!

(And now I've posted in the comm, not my LJ, I might actually get a reply!!)
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 I am looking for any and all fics in which our beloved Professor Eppes takes a bullet.  Anything goes here... Gen, Het, Slash.  Serious injury, death, simple graze.  Innocent bystander, special NSA assignment, target.  I'd really like to see the fallout.  Everyone's reactions, Charlie's method of dealing, would love some Don angst.

Thanks in advance!


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