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so... any one remembers a story... don highjacked with his car in freeway jam. charlie ends up in cop car that chases don`s car after he told the cop that he works for nsa and his classified leptop is in don`s car. and all this chase ends up on tv?

Don hostage

Mar. 4th, 2017 04:21 pm
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HI! i'm looking for the following story Don is with the bad guy in a car (i think he was tasken hostage) and the car has an accident and Don is pinned down...i remember that some cop use some cat sand to stop the fire or something similar. Another scene is that at the hospital Alan has a confrontation with the bad guy...thanks
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I have this scene stuck in my head where charlie tells someone (ian) where to shoot. i think charlie was been held hostage. does anyone konw this

all help greatly appreciated

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Hello im looking for a don/charlie fic where charlie is at calsi and he is held at gunpoint by a women I belive she was angry that don is with charlie. Charlie calls don who shows up with his team . i think it was 4 chapters long It could be one though. Ive looked everywhere and cant seem to find this fic its driving me mad any help would be great thanks !found!
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I can't remember where I read this story but it goes with that episode with John Buckley. Charlie gets kidnapped along with Buckley when Maddux takes Buckley. I don't remember the ending. Please help me find this story.
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i have been searching like crazy! but i can't find the fic where a man (maybe multiple) storm into the eppes house during dinner with amita and larry and charlie has to tie them up in the chairs simultaneously saying good-bye to them. then the man/men take Charlie away to either work on a project for them or because a guy had an obsession with him, most likely the first. I'm really fuzzy with the details though because it has been a long time since i've read it! somebody please help i'm desperate!
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I'm looking for fanfic where Charlie is kidnapped. In the end of the Story revealed, that Charlie kept in the small house in the woods. Don, Alan and team go ther. In front of them the house explodes. Everybody thought Charlie was inside and now dead. But he manage to get out and survived.  In the end Don found him. Happy end.
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I hope I am not mixing up my fandoms, but I am pretty sure this was a Numb3rs fanfic. Unfortunately I only remember one small part. Charlie is held captive (?) in a house or cabin somewhere and I think there was a bomb inside. He escapes but there is a lot of broken glass on the ground outside and he has no shoes on. Does this sound familiar to anyone????

Thanks everyone. I found the story I was looking for. I was mixing my fandoms, it was SG1 and not Numb3rs.
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So I'm way, way new to Numbers.  Like, way new.  I haven't really read any fanfic for it yet.  I really want to read some stories where Don is hurt during a case or something (being heroic or brave or perhaps protecting Charlie) and Charlie is there or sees it on the news or something and is really freaked.  Maybe a hostage situation or something.  

My only request is gen (no slash please! :), happy endings, and I prefer shorter fics to longer fics.  Less than 10 chapters, I guess.  Thanks so much!  :)

Hope I tagged this right and everything.  Never used this community before eiither.  :)
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Another one and I remember this one quite well, just can't find it anymore.

Charlie was with Don at work and a criminal took him hostage. He grabbed Charlie by the hair, I think, and it was Colby or David who saved him. And Don took care of Charlie after that, giving him an icepack for an injury I think, and calming him down.

Thanks in adavance,

FOUND! Link in the comments
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Hey all! This is driving me NUTS so hopefully all y'all can help! :D

I'm looking for a fic where one of the team is taken hostage by a sniper in the middle of a public square in LA. I want to say it's Colby, but it might be Don. Anyway, it's really hot from all the sun and the gear the hostage is wearing (they were there for a bomb threat possibly, or because of the sniper) and there is concern about heat exhaustion. At one point I'm pretty sure they have to roll water bottles across the ground to the hostage because the sniper won't let anyone physically approach. I want to say it's 10-20K words long. I know it's multichapter and I'm almost positive it was on FFN, but it might have been LJ.

Any help you guys can offer would be AWESOME! :D
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I am looking for a fic a couple of years old. Charlie went to a convenience store which got held up while he was there. They took a bunch of people hostage and when the feds show up they don't initially know Charlie is inside.
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I'm sorry to say that the information that I have on this fic is very vague. I read it some time ago.
Charlie is involved in a hostage situation and is given the task of hacking somewhere to get a large amount of money quickly. I could be wrong about this, but my impression is that Don was in some kind of danger and was used as a incentive to get Charlie to get the money. I remember Megan being there also as well as David, not sure of Colby. It ended in a way that they had to explain to someone in authority how Charlie managed to get so much money from different places, millions in fact. I think the fic was gen also.
I know that this is all so vague that I'll be lucky anyone will recognize the fic, but it doesn't hurt to try.
The major fact that I remember was that Charlie was rather cool under pressure when hacking. I know there's at least one fic where this kind of scenario occurs and he falls apart completely, and that's not the fic I'm looking for.
Thank you in advance for your tips and I'll keep looking on my own also.
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I am looking for a story that is about Don and Alan going on on a father son trip. When they stop at a gas station and are held by a young man. Don is hurt and Alan does what he can to make things end well for every one. Megan decision, gets her in to trouble in the end. I think in the end Alan goes back to the station.
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I've been looking for this story all over and I cannot find it.  I don't remember much but what I do is, Charlie and a few other people are hel hostage in a store and they get to call someone to say goodbye to them,  Charlie calls Don and I belive Don thinks he's joking.  Anyway, they (the hostages) somehow end up in a freezer and Charlie gets shot, and even after that he's still trying to keep everyone calm.  That's about all I remember.  I would love help finding this story.  It's been driving me crazy.  Thanks.
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Hey everyone! This is a great group you've got here. I've been looking for a particular Numb3rs fic for weeks now, and I just happened to stumble across this site. I'm hoping maybe y'all can help me out?

I'm looking for a fic where Don and Charlie go to the bank, only to stumble upon a robbery.  I believe Charlie gets shot by one of the robbers, although it may have been Don?

Also, I'm not sure if it is the same fic, or if I'm actually looking for two seperate stories, but I'm looking for a bank robbery fic where at one point Don is in the bank and Charlie is waiting outside in the car. Don sends one of the robbers out with a false name, so Charlie will know something is up.

Sorry to be so vague in my descriptions, but it's been a while since I've read them.
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I know I read this story on CalSci Library, but can't remember the title or author. Charlie is in a hardware store when a bank robbery goes wrong and he's one of a number of hostages, along with the staff in the store. Alan finds out via the TV, I think. It's not the one where the hostage takers give the hostages one call and Charlie calls Don. Although Don is there.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
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I read this one fic over on fanfiction.net awhile ago....Charlie was held hostage in a hardware store. I  remember that clearly at least. Alan was inside/near when this happened and Charlie got through to the hostage-taker. He was talking to the hostage taker about his odds at one point.....

I don't think I can remember much more. Any help would be grealy appreciated-- I love this story, and have combed through my favourites on fanfiction.net only to sadly discover it isn't there. Searches haven't turned up anything promising either.


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