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Mar. 4th, 2017 04:21 pm
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HI! i'm looking for the following story Don is with the bad guy in a car (i think he was tasken hostage) and the car has an accident and Don is pinned down...i remember that some cop use some cat sand to stop the fire or something similar. Another scene is that at the hospital Alan has a confrontation with the bad guy...thanks
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I'm looking for a story where (It might be part of a series) Colby goes home to his family and his niece or something is really good at maths so he calls charlie and it turns out shes a genius and charlie teaches her maths or somthn. I think it was on AO3. That's all I can remember I know its not much but if yall could help that would be awesome.

Thanks in advance
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Hi all,

I'm looking for 2 fics about Charlie.
1) All I remember is that Don is at a crowded campus sandwich shop, waiting for Charlie to join him for lunch, and Don overhears several students talking about how great Professor Eppes is while they study math.

2) This is H/C. Charlie and Don are in high school. They get into an argument, and Charlie does calculations about how to use drugs to brain damage himself just enough to be "normal."

Thanks for the help🙂
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I read a story a year or so ago where Colby was dyslexic, always writing a certain letter (B I think) backward. He was kidnapped after the episode with Ian in the prison, he was drugged and believed to be dead. He escaped and left a message in a pay phone booth for the team to find before he was captured again.

Don got captured somehow and thought it was Ian who took them.

Possible Trigger Warning )

I have no idea what the title of this story is and I've lost the link, but it's one of my favorites, so any help you guys can give me would be really appreciated! :)

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Hi, I'm looking for a 3 part series that was on In the first story Charlie and Don had a fight and Charlie took a hiatus from teaching to go on a road trip. He gets mugged at one point and hitches a ride from a man he meets at a diner and stays with him and his wife at a lakeside park. In the second story Charlie takes don to meet the man and his wife and Don becomes jealous of the mans close brotherly relationship with Charlie. Their competition over Charlie keeps getting Charlie hurt and ending up in the A&E department.

Any help finding the series would be great :)
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I know I've read it, but just can't remember where. I was thinking FF.Net, but couldn't find it there.

If I'm remembering correctly, it's set second season when Amita is still a grad student. She's hungry. Doesn't have enough money to get something from the vending machine. Larry and Charlie are away, which is a shame, because either one would buy her lunch. Charlie wouldn't mind if she took a gumball, so long as she wrote down which color. Megan shows up and offers to take her to lunch. Megan wants idea on what to get Larry for his birthday. Amita brings up the same study Charlie brought up when Alan wanted to get Donna a birthday present. Megan says "marry Charlie now" or something like that, because of their math similarity.

Anyway, I mentioned the fic to someone else who wanted to read it, but then I couldn't find it or remember the title or author. Can anyone here help me out?
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I have this scene stuck in my head where charlie tells someone (ian) where to shoot. i think charlie was been held hostage. does anyone konw this

all help greatly appreciated

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I recently read a story where Don's friend from high school shows up and wants to hang out all the time. Charlie ends up getting mad because Don and him have not been able to have time together. And now I can not remember what it was called and can't find it again, even after searching for 1/2 hour. Any help would be appreciated
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Hi everyone, hoping you can help me find a fanfic. I think it was on Charlie was going out with Amita but was becoming friendly with a rich man that was possibly being investigate by don. I also think Charlie and don weren't getting along too well. I remember a scene where they went to see a baseball game together (?). Also I think Alan was suspicious. Anyway Charlie was kidnapped by this man and held and raped. Dons team found hlm and he was rescued. He was recorded and don forced himself to watch it. It ended up with amita breaking up with Charlie and Charlie being very traumatized. It was long and well written and I have been trying to find it for ages. I would love if someone could help!
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here Hoping someone can help me find this. I thought it was one of ladygray99 but I can't find it on her site.
All I can remember is that Charlie had attacked (Possibly killed?) Amita when she tried to leave. Don had to leave the FBI as Charlie had suffered a complete breakdown. He took care of Charlie and in the end, Charlie says thank you for not leaving him.

Edit: My memory was restore. it was Broke Bonds,Broken Hearts by DizzyDrea. Can be found at Archive of Our Own (Mods would like post link, but LJ won't let; me)
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Hello im looking for a don/charlie fic where charlie is at calsi and he is held at gunpoint by a women I belive she was angry that don is with charlie. Charlie calls don who shows up with his team . i think it was 4 chapters long It could be one though. Ive looked everywhere and cant seem to find this fic its driving me mad any help would be great thanks !found!
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Can someone remind me of the name of the fic where Charlie knows and is friendly with a mob boss or two? He had taught them remedial math at college, and gave one of them a scar. I've read it and commented on it, but cannot for the life of me remember what it is called, and I wanted to re-read it.
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HI! i'm looking for a particular story where Don have to meet Alan and Charlie at a restaurant but he doesn't show up (i',m pretty sure he left a message at the restaurant but none give the message to Alan and Charlie) later on he's hurt during a case but he downplayed his injuries after he's at Alan and Charlie's house and he collaps and he's rushed to the hospital...

I'm looking also for any Dom/omc stories (the longer the better and crossover are welcome) i've read a couple of them (the epic Watson series)

Thanks for the help
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I'm pretty sure it was on  I don't remember much of the fic.  Charlie and Amita were together and somehow Charlie gets de-aged.  While he is de-aged I think Amita finds out she is pregnant and I think Charlie helps pick out names.  I think Don and Robin were together but I'm not sure.  Charlie does end up back to his proper age but I think he still sometimes de-ages.  In the epilogue I think de-aged Charlie was playing air hockey with his son and it also mentioned that Don at one point got hit by the de-aging whatever and sometimes de-ages like Charlie.  Sorry not more helpful but thanks in advance for any help.
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Hey all. I'm looking for any and all Colby-Ian fics set during/after the episode Ultimatum. Any help would be appreciated.
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All I remember is Charlie was in class and some bad guys came in and sat down. Charlie saw them and started doing a drill with the students seeing who could find help first and stuff like that. Thats's all I can remember and I know it's not much but if anyone knows if it's a fic or episode and what the title is for it, whichever it is. Thanks!
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Hello dear Numb3rs fandom!

I hope you'll be able to help me find back a lovely piece of fanwork!
I already checked the community's tags & read this entry but to no avail.

This fanfiction is about Don & Charlie being contacted by SG1, who was leaded to them when looking for an artefact necessary in saving the universe (one more time! ;D). Don & Charlie are discovered to be a mystical pair reborn through the ages & needing to be brought aware of their nature in order to conciously use their power/take action.

It's a short piece: either a long single entry or a few small chapters.

Thanks in advance !
Love y'all !

PS: I hope I correctly posted this, Mod! Thanks for maintening this community!
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Hi all,
I only just noticed today that Sammac's stories, some of my faves - Relative Motion and Skewed have been taken down. These were amazing stories that I've read time and again.
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I've been trying to find this one for ages. Don and the team have just made a arrest and are heading back to the FBI bulding when Don stops at a mall for coffee. Unknown to Don the President is also at the mall, and a demestic terrorist group tries to take him hostage. Don ends up in a firefight with them after the last Secret Service Agent is killed. Thanks.


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