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Hi, I'm new to Numb3rs fan fiction and so far I'm shipping Charlie and Don. I've done some searches on google and I have every intention of going through this community's tags, but in the meanwhile I was hoping you all could rec me some of your favorite first time, complete Charlie/Don fics with bottom!Charlie preferred although not an absolute must. My only length requirement is that the fic be at least 2,000 words (although long stories rock my world for sure). Oh, and no AUs please! Thanks everyone!
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I'm searching for a fic I read a while ago and now can't find. In it Charlie goes over to Don's apartment even though Don's not there and turns on the TV only to find out Don had a porno movie in and the man in the movie resembles Don while the girl resembles Charlie. Don then comes home and sees Charlie watching it before they quickly turn it off and act awkward around each other. It does eventually end with them getting together.

Thanks in advance!

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Does anyone have a working link for A Gift Worth Having by [livejournal.com profile] slash_srs ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi. Im looking for some first-time fics involving Colby and anyone (as long as it's slash) :P I do prefer David or Ian, but any will do :D
I have looked through the tags, but there isnt that much.

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I am starving for Don/Charlie stories.

- First time

- NC-17 rated

- Happy Endings

The more recommendations you have for me, the better. Go ahead and recommend me your favorites. Link me to your memories or even your bookmarks.


Thank you in advance!!.

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im looking for some first time fics about Colby and David. I love the flirting and maybe awkwardness, and some trembling first steps, or maybe even a drunk night :D 
so if u know any it would be great! 
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Good evening. I am looking for a fic where Che Lobo discovers that Colby wants Don. Che kidnaps both of them and locks them in a hotel suite. Any help would be greatly appriciated. Thanks.
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Hi There!
This is my first post to ANY journal that's not a comment or feedback on fiction, so please be gentle with me, and my apologies if I break any rules with this post!
I am looking for any fiction that deals with Don and Charlie getting together for the first time, and any problems/angst they have to deal with along the way.
I have read an ENORMOUS amount of Numb3rs fiction by some fantastic authors, and this is my absolute favourite pairing (It's just so wrong!)
I've read through all the tags, but I'm craving something original.
Anyone able to help?
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Hi all. I'm new to the community and fandom and am looking for first time fics featuring Don/Charlie.

Thanks in advance!
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I've read a lot of fics where Charlie fell in love with Don and often had to convince him to begin a relationship.  What I'd like to know is are there any fics out there in which Don wanted Charlie first and had to convince his little brother to be his lover?  

Thanks for any and all help!
Sandra D.

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I was told of a story this weekend but I can't find it. It's called "Last Call" It's a Don and Charlie 1st time fic that starts off with them getting drunk. Anyone know of it or know wher to find it? Thanks

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Hi all... was hoping some of you can lead me to fics in which (preferably) Charlie is just getting together with his lover.  While I love good smut, I'd really like to feel that initial heady rush of a new relationship.  I like C/Larry, C/Colby, C/Ian and C/David.  I'd love to read of flirting and first kisses.  Just link me to the ones that made you squee just from the burgeoning love.


Sandra D.

PS... Just found Numb3rs fic a few days ago after reading a crossover w/ BtVS.... I am SOOOOO glad this is out there!!!!!


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