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I'm looking for a story with Don teaching in Quantico. I know there are a couple that focus on his relationships (which I wouldn't say no to), but I'd like to read about him being a teacher. A lesson he's teaching, a recruit that he's helping etc.
Outsider POV would be great, too.
Thank you!
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I'm looking for fics where don didn't join the fbi but then later gets pulled into a case somehow
perhaps because Charlie is consulting and there's a threat to the whole family???
or he witnessed something himself and needs protection??

anything where non-fbi don needs to deal with the fbi. preferably his team but I'd take anything

please warn for unfinished fics but I do want to get anything
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Hello everybody,

I've been rewatching Numb3rs lately, but I've fallen out of fandom for a while now, but I'm craving certain kinds of fic and I hope maybe you can help me ^_^

1) Are there any Margaret!lives scenario stories out there? Either she didn't get sick, or she survived the cancer and how that would impact the story?

2) For that matter any pre-series story from Margaret's POV or centered around her  (preferably when Don and Charlie have both already been born)

3) Are there any Don and Charlies high school reunion stories? Or Don's college friends meeting Charlie pre-series

4) Anything where Charlie has to speak at a FBI conference or for some other reason comes into prolonged contact with the guys at Quantico, Alberquerque etc.?

Thanks in advance everyone^^
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 Hey, I'm looking for stories about Don in Quantico, preferably as an instructor. Any genre, any pairing, any anything really.

I appreciate any help!


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 This is a general request, but I haven't found anything like it in the tags. I'd like to read some stories where:

-Don is the main character
-Don uses his FBI-skills in an impressive way
-No math is used (or at least, not to solve the case)
-And the ending is (mostly) happy.

Preferably no episode tags. 

I'd like something in the vein of ALEO's stories (Pursuit, Caffeine, Vigilant Terrorist, Defense, Hunted), Reality of the Present., The Unquantifiable Variable, In a Mirror, Darkliy, or Time to Kill.

It doesn't matter if it's an official case or Don stumbles onto a crime in progress, but I'd like to be impressed by his skills - fighting, negotiating, leading, manipulating or otherwise. 

The fic can be canon or au, any POV, gen het or slash, any genre and as dark or light as it comes (provided that it ends reasonably happy), and, of course, the longer the better. 

Any help is appreciated!
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I'm looking for good , preferably long fics where Charlie gets hurt: in an accident or because of his work with the FBI... If it has repercussions on his health later, (blindness, illness, brain damage, paralysis...) it's even better! Gen, or slash (even Don/Charlie) is okay with me but no het please, and I absolutely love brotherly love displays! AU fics are also awesome.
I read some a long time ago, but I don't remember them and I was hoping there are good new ones...
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Hi everyone, I'm a new member to the Numb3rs fandom. I've just finished watching Numb3rs Season 1.

I'm looking for any Don/Charlie that you might rec (short, long, AR, AU, self-rec, etc), and I am SO glad to see I'm not the only one inclined towards this pairing >.>

I'm also curious if there are any Terry/Charlie fictions out there. In end of the season 1 finale, I thought there might have been some possible development there (but then I watched ep 1 of Season 2 and was slammed down).

I also read Reciprocity and was awed. I would really appreciate any Soldier!Charlie or FederalAgent!Charlie or possible any fictions out there that center around Charlie doing NSA work.

Thanks very much in advance!
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I'm looking for a fic where a bout of some deadly illness hits the FBI. Several people die or are deathly ill, and Colby is one of the worst affected. There's a scene where he asks Don to make sure his family gets taken care of if he doesn't make it.

The disease was spread via a coffee cup, IIRC. Does this ring any bells?
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I'm looking for fics where Don breaks the news to his family that he's going to join the FBI.

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Hi all.

I'm looking for any reccs for fics where the FBI uses Charlie for something other than his maths ability e.g. he's a witness to a case, he fits a profile of someone a perp is going after so they use him as bate, he knows the perp....etc...

Any recommendations? Either Gen or Slash is cool, but would prefer no Don/Charlie (which will limit the search by about 95%! hehe)


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