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All I remember is Charlie was in class and some bad guys came in and sat down. Charlie saw them and started doing a drill with the students seeing who could find help first and stuff like that. Thats's all I can remember and I know it's not much but if anyone knows if it's a fic or episode and what the title is for it, whichever it is. Thanks!
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Does anyone know which episode it is that Alan makes a comment about not worrying about Don and Charlie talking after he dies anymore? I've been racking my brain for this but I can't seem to remember which episode it is. My google-fu has failed me and anyone I ask can't remember either. I'd like to be able to use it in a music video. I just need the episode number though, not a link or anything.

Thanks in advance. I'm not 100% sure this is the right place to look but I wasn't sure where else to ask.

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Since you guys were so quick last time -

I have also tried to find this myself, rewatching episodes from season One where I think it occurs but alas, I seem to have missed it.

From what I remember, Don and Charlie are at Calsci, they go to the library(?) and the woman there makes some comment about Don being a fed.  He seemed somewhat taken aback at the way she said it and I would love to see that bit again, if only I could find it.

I know, vague indeed but if someone can help...

EDIT 14 June 2009 - once again found in record time!  Episode "Structural Corruption", Season One.  Thanx all!
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Hey there,

first- time poster here, and I hope I am doing this right... If this is incorrect, Mods, feel free to remove it and should that be the case, I apologize for the mistake...

My question is needed for a fic, but it is not actually about a fic...

Anyways, I am looking for the episode where Don eats ice cream... I have this image in my head where he is eating some and it is driving me crazy... If anybody could help me, I would be soooo grateful!
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I'd like to request a list of Colby specific episodes of Numb3rs.
Beyond The Mole, Janus List and Trust Metric, what episodes would you recommend as an introduction to Colby?
Thanks for the help.


EDIT: Wow, thanks for all the suggestions. I foresee a marathon in my future.
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I only started watching numbers at the end of season 3 and I was wondering in which episode do we find out that Charlie has worked for the NSA as a consultant.

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Im new to the community, in fact im new to the numb3rs fandom!  I was watching this video on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m5c_50BGGL8&feature=related  and i want to know what episodes these scenes are from...the one at around 0.10 when Don gets whacked on the head and the one around 0.27-0.36 where the guy throws some gas cans or whatever that is! Oh and 1.31ish..he looks so cute and sleepy heh!!

If there are any other whumpy don eps let me know too....Ive already watched the ep where he gets "shot" (a bullet graze rather...damnit!) and hot shot!

Ever since i roamed youtube for videos, i've wanted to know what eps these clips were from, its driving me insane lol  Im steadily watching episodes but there are 4 and a bit seasons to catch up on!

I edited the post just for the clips request...im now going to check them out, thanks everyone who replied!!

I took out the fanfic request...thanks to VALERIEV84 i now have a good selection of don whump stories to look up!! 

I thought i had read the rules, but it was late when i posted so i might have got it mixed up with somewhere else...For ages i couldnt work out how to post to this community and then i realised i had joined another community instead and got myself all muddled up LOL 

thanks again everyone! Oh and thanks for being nice about my faux par mods...its nice to know i can post here again!! :D

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I recently rewatched almost all of Numb3rs and thus can't pin down what episode or even what season it was, but in one of the episodes, David's wearing an earring at a crime scene. It looks like a big diamond stud.

Can anyone recall what episode this was?

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I hope that I can post this here, since everyone here is so helpful.  I'm looking for an episode, in Season Two (I am pretty sure) and the only thing that I remember from that episode is Larry breaking apart a pen and dumping the ink into the water and saying that the water is coming up, not going down.  There is a leak in Charlie's office.  Does anyone have any idea which episode this might be?  I'm in the mood to watch it and I can't seem to find it.....unless I go through all of Season Two (which wouldn't be a bad thing).

Thanks all!

{{{hugs to all}}}
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Does anyone know the episode in which it is revealed that Colby served with the CID, or is it just something that has come up in interviews?

Any additional info on his time in the military would be much appreciated as well.

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please tell me S1, Disc 3 didn't totally stink and i just didn't get to enjoy it b/c boy1 and boy2 interrupted me yesterday and dh interrupted me today??? please???

what were your faves from these epis? - sniper zero (ian, duh), dirty bomb, sacrifice, noisy edge??? and for no other reason than b/c i'm looking for reassurance that they didn't suck.
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I'm looking for a fic I read a while ago. Some bad guys (perhaps the russian mob?) try to get to Don by going after Charlie. I remember a scene where Charlie gives a lecture and notices two bad guys in the audience and his cell phone does not work so he uses his students to get help. 
I think it's gen, but I'm not sure. Thanks for your help! 

found: actually it's an episode (2/22 -Backscatter)
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Hey gang, I just read that Edgerton was in 5 episodes? I thought only 2--could someone tell me the names of the eps with Ian in them? thankies!


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