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I read this fic a while back where Charlie and Don are in a relationship. Charlie occasionally sleeps over at Don's apartment. Charlie cannot sleep most night because he has to get the math out of his head. Don gets him chalkboards and hangs them throughout the apartment. At some point Alan sees them when he goes to the apartment and he knows what they mean. Does this ring any bells?

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I'm looking for a Charlie/Colby fic where Alan was not happy with the relationship and moved out. I think Don was out of town and came back after all this happened, but Im not sure.

Thanks muchly
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I'm looking for the story where Alan finds out aboutDon/Charlie. He asks if Don is at least on top.
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Specifically, I'm looking for any fics in which the team finds out about their relationship and how everyone deals with the fall-out. Are they any out?

Thanks in advance!

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I'm looking for a story I read about Ian telling Don he saw Don and Charlie in the garage.  Ian tells Don he will settle for sex with Don in place of Charlie.  Don admits he has never bottomed. 

Coming Out

May. 10th, 2009 11:05 pm
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Hi guys,
I'm looking for any fic where the boys either get outed or out themselves.  While my favorite pairing is Charlie/Colby, I'm not really that picky.  Please no incest.
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I'm looking for a fic where the whole team and Alan found out about Don/Charlie being together. I think that at some point, Don makes Charlie escape to Europe? I also think it was a serie of fics/ficlets...

If no one know what I'm talking about, I'm also open to all and any fics where others find out about Don/Charlie and their reactions to it please? preferably long, but as long as it's well written, I'll take everything!



Mar. 4th, 2009 10:51 am
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I'm a bit new to the Numb3rs slash so I was hoping you guys could help. I'd like to find a story with Don/Charlie where someone catchs them and all that drama.
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Hi im looking for some charlie/colby fics where Don or Alan or somone on the team or all of them find out about charlie and colby and their reactions
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hi im new to this comm and i was wondering if someone could help me find some stories. i just finished Into the Woods and was wondering if anyone knew of some long Charlie gets kidapped Don saves them helps Charlie get back to normal. or any kind of protectiveDon watching over or helping Charlie(preferably long). also any episode related stories that have Don/Charlie slash. or any good Alan finds out about Don/Charlie, or anyone finds out.

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This is kind of a long shot but I hope someone can help me.
I'm looking for a series of (rather short) fics, 3 or 4 at the time I read them. It was Don/Charlie and what I remember the most is that one story, or all of them from different POV, was about the brothers telling Alan (while having dinner or sitting at the dinner table) that they where together . Alan was ok with it, which was a major chock to the brothers. 
Can anyone help??
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I read it a while ago (6 months ago?) , Don and Charlie are kissing on the stairs (Alan has gone out for the night) when he returns home unexpectedly and finds them. I think it ended like that. Know its not much to go on but if anyone recognises it I'd be thrilled because not being able to find it again has been really irritating. Thanks


Feb. 5th, 2007 04:02 am
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I'm looking for Don/Charlie fics where their relationship is discovered and there are serious consequences. Like it really gets out and everything that Don normally fears before entering the relationship comes to pass (ie: the illegality of it, the moral issues, ...).

If someone knows of ones where someone on Don's team discovers what's going on but it doesn't go further, that's good too. Though I would really like bigger reactions/consequences. The FBI discovers it, Don's superiors, the LAPD, ...


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i have a friend who says that she read a fic that was don/charlie where alan discovered the truth
the thing is she cant find it and im dying to read it
does anyone know which fic this is and where

if not
can i interest anyone in writing something like this


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