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i have been searching like crazy! but i can't find the fic where a man (maybe multiple) storm into the eppes house during dinner with amita and larry and charlie has to tie them up in the chairs simultaneously saying good-bye to them. then the man/men take Charlie away to either work on a project for them or because a guy had an obsession with him, most likely the first. I'm really fuzzy with the details though because it has been a long time since i've read it! somebody please help i'm desperate!
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so this may be somwhat sensitive so I will be putting it under a cut

sensitive material )

could you help me?
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I'm looking for a specific story but can't remember where I read it. 

The team was looking for a serial killer but didn't get anywhere, and Don asked Charlie to stop working on it. Charlie doesn't, however, and the suspect turns out to be Don.

Hoping for Help,

hurt don

Aug. 12th, 2011 01:02 am
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Hi....this is a great comunity for a great show and I was hoping you guys can help me find some cool stories but they have spacial details

I want any stories that deal with Don being tortured and raped.....I hope I don't offend any one with this request but I just need some stories that show in detail the angst that Don will be facing and all the pain his family will face....I like the stories to be long and complete please but will take anything....as long as it is NOT charlie/Don....thank you
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 This is a general request, but I haven't found anything like it in the tags. I'd like to read some stories where:

-Don is the main character
-Don uses his FBI-skills in an impressive way
-No math is used (or at least, not to solve the case)
-And the ending is (mostly) happy.

Preferably no episode tags. 

I'd like something in the vein of ALEO's stories (Pursuit, Caffeine, Vigilant Terrorist, Defense, Hunted), Reality of the Present., The Unquantifiable Variable, In a Mirror, Darkliy, or Time to Kill.

It doesn't matter if it's an official case or Don stumbles onto a crime in progress, but I'd like to be impressed by his skills - fighting, negotiating, leading, manipulating or otherwise. 

The fic can be canon or au, any POV, gen het or slash, any genre and as dark or light as it comes (provided that it ends reasonably happy), and, of course, the longer the better. 

Any help is appreciated!
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This was a dark fic, I thought I read it on fanfiction.net but I can't seem to find it any more.

It is short and revolves around a child abuse case.  The offender was caught after much work by the team and Charlie.  The story picks up after this point.  The offender is put before the court but walks on a technicality.  It is all too much for Don, feeling for the victims he follows the man home and kills him.  He then goes to Charlie's house where his brother finds him waiting on the front porch.  Charlie learns what Don has done as the sirens close in and knows that the offender has taken a final victim.

I've been hunting for a while now and hopefully someone out there can help as I would love to read it again.


EDIT - this has been found with your excellent help. 
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I'm looking for a fic where Charlie and his mom had a hidden past (from when they were in Princeton or something). Neither Don nor Alan knew. The past is about a serial killer/rapist who targeted Charlie but somehow Charlie escaped, barely. Now the criminal is back in LA targeting others but secretly hunting for his lost prey. And it just so happens that Don and his team is in charge of the case. I want to see some serious OVER(3x) protective Don and a seriously whumped Charlie! =D

Dark Don

Aug. 17th, 2007 10:56 pm
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I'm looking some dark and angsty Don fic. I'm just in that kind of mood lately.
I don't care if Don's gone dark, if he's in a dark place (either during the series, during FR or after the season ending), or if he's dealing with a really bad case but something angst and dark and preferably with lots of Don!whumping.
I'm really hoping to not have any Charlie in the fic at all, but a little would be okay I guess as long as it isn't one of those cliched Charlie-is-in-trouble fics or yet another Don-is-portrayed-completely-OC-and-puts-his-foot-in-it-and-causes-a-bad-argument-ending-with-a-completely-OC-Charlie-(-who-mysteriously-isn't-the-selfish-arrogant-and-self-centered-jerk-he-is-in-the-series-)-forgives-him fics.



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