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I'm looking for a story where Don was kidnapped as a child after his parents didn't pick him up after a baseball game.

I'm pretty sure it was either on livejournal, but it might have been on some smaller site.
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i have been searching like crazy! but i can't find the fic where a man (maybe multiple) storm into the eppes house during dinner with amita and larry and charlie has to tie them up in the chairs simultaneously saying good-bye to them. then the man/men take Charlie away to either work on a project for them or because a guy had an obsession with him, most likely the first. I'm really fuzzy with the details though because it has been a long time since i've read it! somebody please help i'm desperate!
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I'm looking for a very vague fic where Charlie is attacked at CalSci and everybody think he is dead? Or at least I'm looking for any fic where everybody think Charlie is dead... Gen, slash, self-pimping, lots of angst is welcomed but no het please!

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Hello all, I know this com is kinda slow but I'm still hoping you can help.

I was following a fic a few months ago, multichapter, with the plot being that everyone thinks Charlie is dead, but he's not, he's injured and in a secret location. I believe that there were at least 6 chapters. Any help would be great! :D

Oh yes, and I read it on fanfiction.net. And I remember very specifically the use of the word "sibilant". Don't ask me why I remember that and not the title :D


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