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Hi all,

I'm looking for 2 fics about Charlie.
1) All I remember is that Don is at a crowded campus sandwich shop, waiting for Charlie to join him for lunch, and Don overhears several students talking about how great Professor Eppes is while they study math.

2) This is H/C. Charlie and Don are in high school. They get into an argument, and Charlie does calculations about how to use drugs to brain damage himself just enough to be "normal."

Thanks for the help🙂
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Hey guys I seemed to have lost this fic and can't find it! /0\

I remember is was on FF.net, and an old childhood friend of Don's (who I believe is also an FBI) agent comes to work with him. He's a crooked agent, which means he's involved in their case somehow and he used to bully Charlie as a kid but I think Don just turned a blind eye towards it or didn't see it.

Once he's working with Don he continues to bully Charlie and tells him to stop doing stuff with his brother that sorta thing. I remember it's Colby I think who finds out and he gets really pissed at the guy and wants to beat his ass. Then Colby, Megan and David tell Don about it.

I think the guy gets Charlie hurt somehow with the case but I may be wrong. Oh and it was GEN and when Don finally finds out he's pissed as hell.

So any help to find this fic would be appreciated!

And with that note I will take on any bullied!Charlie fic with protective!Don

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I am looking for a fic where Don is visiting Charlie...I think at Charlie's CalSci office...and they are trapped by either an explosion or an earthquake.

Don has a head injury and Charlie works on getting them out while trying to keep Don awake.

Thanks in advance.

FOUND: Aftershocks by N'kala : www.fanfiction.net/s/2346494/1/

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Hi. I am new to this community but looking for a gen fic that I read somewhere in which someone from Don and Charlie's past shows up as an agent on one of their cases.  This friend used to bully Charlie in highschool and Don never knew about it.  THe friend then poisons Charlie's drink with some type of drugs and Charlie flips out and almost dies.  Hope someone can help me.


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