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I'm looking for a story where (It might be part of a series) Colby goes home to his family and his niece or something is really good at maths so he calls charlie and it turns out shes a genius and charlie teaches her maths or somthn. I think it was on AO3. That's all I can remember I know its not much but if yall could help that would be awesome.

Thanks in advance
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Can someone remind me of the name of the fic where Charlie knows and is friendly with a mob boss or two? He had taught them remedial math at college, and gave one of them a scar. I've read it and commented on it, but cannot for the life of me remember what it is called, and I wanted to re-read it.

Western AU

Oct. 13th, 2012 09:20 pm
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I remember reading this fic a while ago and now I can't find it. It took place in the wild west and Don was the sheriff and Charlie was the town's teacher. I want to say that it was Ian/Charlie but I may be wrong. One memorable point I remember was that because of ear infections that Charlie had as a child, he gets motion sick from riding horses so he has to follow the group on a donkey whenever they have to ride somewhere.
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Hi all!
I am looking for a specific fic in which Charlie does a magazine interview telling academics to come out of their ivory towers.  The picture with the article features a picture of Charlie with his shirt open enough to show the scar from a gunshot wound to the chest.  He received the gunshot wound earlier in the story and healed as the story went. The interview was actually just a chapter in the end of the longer plot.  It was slash, but I can't remember the pairing. I'm thinking it was Charlie/Colby, but I can't be certain. I do know that the person was reading and thinking about the article, and that is how we as readers know about it.  I am fairly certain I read it on AO3, but I'm not sure about that either. 
Thanks so much!
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What I remember: Charlie is adamantly against being gay. Don said something to him as a child, and it really stuck. Ian (or possibly Colby, can't remember) sees Charlie harming himself and suicidal... eventually they develop a relationship... help?

Ian's list

Jan. 4th, 2012 11:42 am
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I'm looking for a first person Ian fic. There what I can remember:
1) It was a list of things people don't know about Ian
2) There is talk of a person named Father Matt
3) There is talk of a trust fund
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As usual, I totally glutted myself on the fanfic, feeding (I meant reading, but sadly that seems appropriate) as fast as I could find them...and forgetting to bookmark as I went along. So now I'm begging for help. I'm a real Colby/Charlie fan. Sorry, I totally can't even remember authors or names, they may all be the same, or maybe just a few different ones...

I 'm looking for fic where:

*  Colby's family comes to 'visit' and Colby tells Charlie to run, I think Alan went to 'deal with it'

*  Charlie has a daughter named Esther

Charlie and Colby fic where Colby has an old friend come back to try to 'get Colby back'...only Colby doesn't see it, and Charlie does and gets jealous

* It's a Charlie/Colby fic, but in the series Don gets raped by Coop, I think he filmed it on his phone

I'd also love any other fave Charlie/Colby fics...google is not a friend of Charlie/Colby!


Edited to add that I'm still looking for help with my last two requests...and any recs anyone can spare. Thanks again for everyone who helped with the first two!
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I am looking for a story I read months ago.
I remember it was very good.
One little problem.
I had 5 Tui (beer) in me.
I can't even remember if I read it on lj.
I think it was on lj.
A Cabin.
Charlie shot someone.
I think Charlie was hurt or hurt himself?
I remember the sex was hot.
Any help?????
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I'm looking for a fic I'm pretty sure is Colby/Charlie slash but I'm not sure. All I remember is that Larry and Megan finally marry and at some point there is speach about how astronauts/spationauts are cooler than FBI agents? It's really vague, but it's all I can remember...


EDIT: FOUND! by my ol' little self, while re-reading one of my favourite, the "vignette" serie by Lady Gray.
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So, I'm looking for a fic where Charlie and Colby have been together for some time now. Colby goes to some soldiers reunion. There, he meets old friends and decide to tell them about himself and Charlie: a lot take it very badly. Colby decides to leave the reunion. Before he goes, he is joined by other teammates who are also gay, and they end at a bar. At some point, I think even a general joins them, but only because his son is gay.

Does it ring any bells?

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i don't remember much of the story i'm looking for, what i remember is that alan gives colby the paternal blessing (you know the hand on the head thing!) but i don't remember if colby was with don or charlie.

hope someone knows it.


edit: found, link in comment.
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Ok so once upon a time I read this fic about Charlie and Colby in a relationship that they were only in because Charlie was cutting himself or hurting himself and he didn't know when to stop and Colby agreed to hurt him because Colby knew when to stop it from doing permanant damage.

I think Colby was seeing the FBI therapist. And Don and Alan find out some how. And I think that Don sees them in the garage and Colby was curled up on the floor, asking Charlie to forgive him and Don mentioned it to Bradford in his next session and commented on how it was like a marriage proposal.

Tx in advance!


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