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I know I've read it, but just can't remember where. I was thinking FF.Net, but couldn't find it there.

If I'm remembering correctly, it's set second season when Amita is still a grad student. She's hungry. Doesn't have enough money to get something from the vending machine. Larry and Charlie are away, which is a shame, because either one would buy her lunch. Charlie wouldn't mind if she took a gumball, so long as she wrote down which color. Megan shows up and offers to take her to lunch. Megan wants idea on what to get Larry for his birthday. Amita brings up the same study Charlie brought up when Alan wanted to get Donna a birthday present. Megan says "marry Charlie now" or something like that, because of their math similarity.

Anyway, I mentioned the fic to someone else who wanted to read it, but then I couldn't find it or remember the title or author. Can anyone here help me out?
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The fic I'm looking for is mostly gen, Colby/Lisbon fic. They're one their first date (at the Olive Garden, I think) and she keeps getting calls about a case. Jayne is on vacation and the CBI is having a hard time without him; they're trying to find a taxi driver that's robbing people when they're gone on trips (he knows they're gone because he takes them to airport). After talking about it with Lisbon, Colby calls Charlie to have him explain that odds of it being one taxi company over another based on an eyewitness's identifying the color of the taxi at night, something about prior odds. I remember they shut off their phones for dessert (tiramasu, I think). Does this sound familiar to anyone?


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