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I am looking for a scene that could be part of a longer fic or just a one shot where colby/charlie take a nap before the game ( poss baseball) but sleep through wake up with a blanket over them or evidence they have been found by alan.  I think this is them outting themselves but nobody is over surprised.

I hope this is enough for someone to recognise as this scene seems to be just resting on the edge of my memory.

thanks in advance.

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Lookin’ for a fic
Pretty sure it’s by emmademarais
Can’t find the link
Dead Smokin’ Hot Sex in a dirty motel room
Billy is thinking about the sounds he can hear outside.
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Hi, looking for a fic where charlie is on assignment (on east coast I think) and is attacked.  He ends up staying at coop's house for protection.  I think the bad guys try to kill him by throwing him off a pier.  Hope this rings a bell with someone :-)  thanks
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Hey all!

I'm looking for a fic that I'm pretty sure is titled Simon Says.  Where Charlie was sexually assulted as a child primarily by a peer named Simon.  Simon was his lab partner/study friend at first.  And manages to coerce (sp) Charlie into first kissing and then having sex.  Later in the fic, Don finds Charlie sitting in the shower.

Thanks in advance!
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I swear, it's the last time for today,

I'm looking for this fic, it's Don/Charlie: they are at a swimming-pool party. When they leave they take Don's car and get stuck in traffic and Charlie teases Don? They almost get hot and bothered in the car but then traffic starts again...

Do someone know what I'm talking about?


EDIT: FOUND! See comments
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Hi! (again)

So, this time, I'm looking for a fic where Don and Charlie discover that they are half-brothers. I think that Margaret couldn't have children so entered a program where people with a genius mind gave their contribution to see if they could have genius children also but gave them for adoption? I'm not sure what I said is clear: to sum up, Charlie and Don have the same mother. She is some kind of genius working for the Israel's intelligence but didn't have time to raise children but she wanted to have some anyways. Alan and Margaret volonteered to be parents and that's it.
I don't remember if it was Don/Charlie or not.
Also, when they were very little, they each had to pass tests to see if they were geniuses or not.

Does it ring any bells?


EDIT: FOUND! See comments and big thank you to emmademaris!
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I'm looking for a fic which involved Colby cancelling his plans to go home for Christmas because of a falling out with his family. It was short, on the angsty side, and very well-written. It was gen, and a one-shot, IIRC.

Many thanks and a chocolate-covered Colby to anyone who can track this down for me.
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I'm looking for a story where Billy is in hospital and gets sent stories from Don and Charlie where both are with Ian. The Ian/Don bit is quite kinky.

Any help with author/location would be gratefully received!
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I was told of a story this weekend but I can't find it. It's called "Last Call" It's a Don and Charlie 1st time fic that starts off with them getting drunk. Anyone know of it or know wher to find it? Thanks

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I've been asked about a fic and it is killing me because I know I've read this fic, but I can't think of the author. I'm so sorry, whoever you are, I should know this! Okay, here's what we have:

...do you know where I can find a don and charlie fic I can't think of the name for the life of me but here's what I remember. DC are a couple and something happens that makies Charlie wish they could be more open like Don send him flowers and at the end Don does something sweet but I can't remember anything else.

Help, please! *g*

ETA: Honey and Roses by [livejournal.com profile] emmademarais


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