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I've read Connect The Dots, and I seem to recall a good (but unfinished) third season fic where Don had amnesia (well, Millie was in it, so I guess it was third season). Actually, if that one ever got finished, point me in that direction, please.

I'm a sucker for amnesia fic. Full or partial amnesia (ie., fifth season Colby thinks it's 2006 and he's a spy or Larry has no idea who he is or what year it is at all). Anyone can be the amnesiac. Any couple is fine, so long as it's canonical for the time period the story is set in, but I love genfic too. Just not any where Alan think Margaret is still alive - that one's too rough for me.

So, any other good fics out there where one of our gang has amnesia?
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I'm looking for this fic where Charlie was kidnapped by a group of criminals that used him to plan heists. Charlie had lost his memory and couldn't even remember his name. Don goes in undercover in the group to get Charlie back, in the undercover role he guards Charlie whom I think he calls C. (It may have evolved into Don/Charlie but I'm not sure)

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I was wondering if anyone knew of any fics that center around Don or Charlie losing all memory of what we've seen in series, and possibly forgetting Margaret's death? Basically any timeframe that would cause them to believe the brothers still have a horrible relationship, Margaret is still alive, Don doesn't live in LA, et, etc.

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I am looking for a fic I read a while ago. It wasnt complete and I want to go back to it.

Something had happened to one of the Eppes boys ( I think it might be Charlie), and as a result had lost their memory, the character was stumbling around in a forrest I think and came across an older couple who are travelling in an RV. This couple look after whoever it is and drops them off in another town outside the hospital, though "charlie"(???) doesnt go in and goes some where else.

Goes to a smaller town, staying in an motel, gets a job at a store of some kind with a girl there who has a broken arm I think.....and thats where it leaves off ( when I last read it).

I cant remember with Eppes Boy it was, who wrote it or the name of the Fic but I really would like to read it again.



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