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Im looking for a fic the only part I rember very well its that alan started dating and charlie didn't like it. Don charlie and alan and ofc went to a restaurant.waiter flirted with charlie.alan started tui tell a story about don and charlie when they were younger so charlie heads outside and don follows shortly after.waiter doesn't believe charlie when they say that are brothers. Of anyone knows what fic this is I will love you forever
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Hey, I just realized that "Ever Present Past" and "Unsigned, Unfinished and Unknown" have vanished off the 'net.
Can anyone help me out?
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I'm looking for a longer fic, but remember only one scene: Don is in the hospital and Charlie refuses to let Alan in because previously Alan blamed Don for Charlie's injury (?).
I know it's not much to go on, but maybe somebody still recognizes it.

Thanks in advance!
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I'm looking for a Don/Charlie slash fic where it turns out that Don was adopted...they find out after both are tested as potential kidney donors for Alan. 

FOUND: Secrets, by LadyRa
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I'm looking for fanfic where Charlie is kidnapped. In the end of the Story revealed, that Charlie kept in the small house in the woods. Don, Alan and team go ther. In front of them the house explodes. Everybody thought Charlie was inside and now dead. But he manage to get out and survived.  In the end Don found him. Happy end.
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I would have sworn I posted this months ago, but I just looked through all the Charlie/Don, character death, and Alan tags and didn't see it.

All I can remember about this fic is that it is Charlie/Don, and towards the end of the fic Alan has a heart attack and either dies or has to move to a care facility, leaving Don in the position of moving back to the Craftsman to supposedly keep an eye on Charlie.
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I read this fic a while back where Charlie and Don are in a relationship. Charlie occasionally sleeps over at Don's apartment. Charlie cannot sleep most night because he has to get the math out of his head. Don gets him chalkboards and hangs them throughout the apartment. At some point Alan sees them when he goes to the apartment and he knows what they mean. Does this ring any bells?

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I am looking for a scene that could be part of a longer fic or just a one shot where colby/charlie take a nap before the game ( poss baseball) but sleep through wake up with a blanket over them or evidence they have been found by alan.  I think this is them outting themselves but nobody is over surprised.

I hope this is enough for someone to recognise as this scene seems to be just resting on the edge of my memory.

thanks in advance.

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Hi, this is really really vague, but I remember there was a fic where the team and Charlie and Alan were all at the house and Don and Charlie start arguing.  Alan is sort of embarrassed that they're acting that way in front of guests, but David (or maybe Colby) mentions that that's the reason why he likes the Eppes family: they don't put on a polite act in front of guests.  All I remember is that one scene, I have no idea what the story was about.

Thanks in advance!
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I'm looking for a Charlie/Colby fic where Alan was not happy with the relationship and moved out. I think Don was out of town and came back after all this happened, but Im not sure.

Thanks muchly
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Looking for any and all fics where the brothers have to deal with Alan's death - or really, any fics at all taking place after Alan's gone.  I like Alan, of course, but I'd like to see how Charlie and Don respond to it.

Also, I'm not sure about the tags on this one, sorry about that.
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I'm looking for the story where Alan finds out aboutDon/Charlie. He asks if Don is at least on top.
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Hey everyone,

I'm looking for a fic where Don, Alan and Charlie are kidnapped. The kidnapper hurts Don in front of Alan and Charlie. He doesn't hurt Alan or Charlie because he starts to believe they're/wants them as his family (so Don's in his way). At one point Charlie and Alan play along with him and feel guilty (afterwards) for doing so? I believe this fic also deals with the emotional trauma.

I hope this isn't too vague. Thanks.
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This story is gen, I think. I don't remember why but the boys are in hospital, I think and Alan and Larry are in a safe house. Alan is desperate to get to Don in the hospital, so he attacks an FBI agent guarding them with a frying pan so they can get away.

I think the bad guy was a senior FBI figure - the AD's deputy, maybe and there's a scene where the AD then offers Don the deputy position.

Alan apologises to the guy he attacks and invites him and his wife to Thanksgiving at Charlie's house, along with Don's team.

You'd think knowing all that, I'd know the title and author, but sadly I don't!

So any help much appreciated, please!
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Hi! (again)

So, this time, I'm looking for a fic where Don and Charlie discover that they are half-brothers. I think that Margaret couldn't have children so entered a program where people with a genius mind gave their contribution to see if they could have genius children also but gave them for adoption? I'm not sure what I said is clear: to sum up, Charlie and Don have the same mother. She is some kind of genius working for the Israel's intelligence but didn't have time to raise children but she wanted to have some anyways. Alan and Margaret volonteered to be parents and that's it.
I don't remember if it was Don/Charlie or not.
Also, when they were very little, they each had to pass tests to see if they were geniuses or not.

Does it ring any bells?


EDIT: FOUND! See comments and big thank you to emmademaris!
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I am looking for a story that is about Don and Alan going on on a father son trip. When they stop at a gas station and are held by a young man. Don is hurt and Alan does what he can to make things end well for every one. Megan decision, gets her in to trouble in the end. I think in the end Alan goes back to the station.
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I'm looking for a fic where the whole team and Alan found out about Don/Charlie being together. I think that at some point, Don makes Charlie escape to Europe? I also think it was a serie of fics/ficlets...

If no one know what I'm talking about, I'm also open to all and any fics where others find out about Don/Charlie and their reactions to it please? preferably long, but as long as it's well written, I'll take everything!

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not sure how to use this site but here goes...I was over at FF.Net and was reading a bunch of Don and Alan fics Father Figure was my favorite and I was wondering if you wonderful people could recommend your favorite Don and Alan fics...could be anything...gen, het, slash anything.  I love Don whumping and very long angsty fics.  Thank you in advance for your posts. 

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I'm looking for a short Alan, Coop and Don fic called "Enemy of the Movement." It was about Alan showing Coop some photos of Don as a child and one was of the day Alan got arrested as mentioned in "Protest." Don was with him, dressed in bell bottoms and all and he had to go along to the station as Margaret wasn't there. He made friends with the cops and Alan called him 'an enemy of the movement.'

I have tried ff.n but I can't find it there and I don't know of any way to easily search all of the lj communities that host fic.
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I'm looking for a fic where a crazy woman from Alan's book club kidnaps Don and Charlie to prove to Alan what a good mother she is.


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