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I'm looking for fanfics with physically suffering Charlie (and/or Don), with Don giving him support (but not incest, please), maybe forced to hurt him. I have already some stories (some of them found here), I'm looking for other ones, maybe some stories with their mother.

Thank you!
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i cleary remember this story Don was kidnapped as a kid (around 11) and held prisoner for several years...he was able to freed himself but he didn't return to his family (he was brainwashed)....he joined the FBI changing his surname. He  got trasnsfered to Los Angeles and visit his mother at the hospital. He held the same position as in the show and from time to time Charlie help him. At a certain point the man who kidnapped Don return and kidnapps and kill several kids...Don is able to find out the kidnapper and kill him...during the story Charlie has the feeling that Don is his brother and he was able to have a DNA test...the author wrote a sequel to this story and wrote another AU story where Don didn't go to college because his parents died and he must take care of Charlies (who was around 13 years) . I'm sure it was posted  on Fanfiction.net and i think also on the LJ of the author....thanks
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so this may be somwhat sensitive so I will be putting it under a cut

sensitive material )

could you help me?

hurt don

Aug. 12th, 2011 01:02 am
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Hi....this is a great comunity for a great show and I was hoping you guys can help me find some cool stories but they have spacial details

I want any stories that deal with Don being tortured and raped.....I hope I don't offend any one with this request but I just need some stories that show in detail the angst that Don will be facing and all the pain his family will face....I like the stories to be long and complete please but will take anything....as long as it is NOT charlie/Don....thank you
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Hey all!

I'm looking for a fic that I'm pretty sure is titled Simon Says.  Where Charlie was sexually assulted as a child primarily by a peer named Simon.  Simon was his lab partner/study friend at first.  And manages to coerce (sp) Charlie into first kissing and then having sex.  Later in the fic, Don finds Charlie sitting in the shower.

Thanks in advance!
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Looking for a fic, it has to do with someone and the team finding a picture of a child charlie on a computer. Thought charlie got sexual abused (i think) but he didn't his mother took him to a professor but she thought he was creepy.

Thank you, and sorry its not a lot of detail.
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I was wondering, are there any stories where Charlie was sexually or otherwise abused as a child, perhaps by a tutor or a teacher (not his parents please)? I know there is one story called "dirty little secret" where a tutor takes nude pictures of Charlie and Alan finds out, but I'm not sure if it is still online. Does anyone know some stories along the same line? Thanks.


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