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Welcome to Numb3rs Fanfic Finders, the mirror community to [livejournal.com profile] numb3rsficfind on LiveJournal. As of 4/18/17 the LJ comm has been imported to this DW comm. I do not have any plans to delete the LJ comm at this point; this move was precautionary only.

You may post to either community, but please do not post to both. I will import the LJ community on a regular (though possibly infrequent since it’s been so quiet) basis and I would rather not have duplicate posts at this comm.

If you have any questions you may ask them here or contact me at spikedluv @ dreamwidth.org.

Thank you.


~We're not just for fic! We hope to assist you with all your Numb3rs fan-related finding needs, including vids, author websites, actor interviews and more! (The only exception is episode downloads, as most download communities and/or posts, should they actually exist *g*, are locked.) Lost something Numb3rs-related? Go ahead and ask about it here!

~Please check the tags before asking about a fic, vid, etc, because someone may have already asked about it.

~Please include a descriptive subject line. For example, “LF Charlie h/c fic” is better than “LF fic.”

~Please put as much information about the fic, vid, etc in your post as you can to make it it easier for me to tag, and for others to find it later.

~You may post as may searches as you need, but please limit yourself to one search per post to make it easier for me to tag the post, and for others to find it later.

Please read the full rules located on the community profile before you post.


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